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5 Teams That Could Go Undefeated



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On Tuesday we looked at #15-#11, yesterday we looked at #10-#6, now let’s look at the five most likely teams to run the table and be undefeated at Christmas.

5. Oklahoma 

Most likely loss: at Oklahoma State

Schedule difficulty: 6 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at Baylor

Analysis: at Baylor and at K-State are sneaky, but they’re going to murder A&M and Tech at home. I fully expect 11-0 heading into Bedlam.

Chance of going undefeated: 55%

4. Houston

Most likely loss: at Tulsa

Schedule difficulty: 2 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at Tulane

Analysis: They haven’t exactly been blowing people away (average margin of victory over D-1 teams: 7 pts), but they also don’t really need to. I think they’ll probably lose because they aren’t really that good, but they shouldn’t, not with this schedule: ECU, Marshall, Rice, UAB, Tulane, SMU, and Tulsa.

Chance of going undefeated: 65%

3. Stanford

Most likely loss: Oregon at home.

Schedule difficulty: 4 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at SC

Analysis: They play one ranked team the rest of the season and that game is at home. Two of their three away games are at Washington State and at Oregon State. How good do you feel if you’re a Stanford fan right now?

Chance of going undefeated: 75%

2. Wisconsin

Most likely loss: there isn’t one

Schedule difficulty: 4 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: there isn’t one

Analysis: Find me a loss in Indiana, Purdue, and Penn St. at home, Michigan St., Ohio St., Illinois, and Minnesota on the road. Or Michigan in the Big 10 title game. Seriously, find me a loss in there. I dare you.

Chance of going undefeated: 85%

1. Boise

Most likely loss: TCU at home

Schedule difficulty: 2 (out of 10)

Upset lurking: at San Diego State

Analysis: It’s not that they aren’t the real deal (how many BCS teams do they have to beat for people to start believing?), it’s just that they don’t get a chance to prove it. Would they go 12-0 in the SEC? Probably not, but LSU or Bama isn’t going undefeated in the SEC either. What if we end up with Boise, Bama, Wisconsin, Houston, Clemson, and Oklahoma State all without a loss? What will happen? The apocalypse? Something bigger than the apocalypse?

Chance of going undefeated: 90%

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