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A pretty great Marcus Smart “what if”

Marcus Smart, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James playing in L.A. in 2014? Why not?



Photo Attribution: USATSI

Photo Attribution: USATSIr

Bill Simmons wrote on Grantland yesterday about his plan to fix the Lakers.

Now, I don’t really care about the Lakers or how they can or cannot be fixed but when I got done with the piece, I had a pretty interesting thought.

Stay with me here.

His plan involved the Lakers totally tanking this year, trading Steve Nash to Toronto, and playing the Andrew Wiggins sweepstakes for 2014. He talked about how they should just give Kobe like 43 shots a game when he comes back and not even try to make the playoffs.

He also mentioned that they should just try to gut their roster for 2014 for the aforementioned draft as well as the free agency of you-know-who down in Miami.

So what if they do this and what if the Wiggins thing doesn’t work out and they end up with, say, the fourth pick?

And what if LeBron says “screw it, I’m going to LA” after OKC beats Miami in the Finals next year because who in the world know what LeBron is going to do when it comes to free agency? For all we know he and MJ are devising a way in which he lifts the Bobcats to the 2018 title — I mean, pretty much everything is on the table.

So what if Bron goes to the Lakers and Kobe is still on the Lakers and they re-sign Pau next summer and, welp, you know what you need at that point with a top 10 pick in the draft and Steve Blake/Jordan Farmar as your point guards, yes?

Because Marcus Smart[1. How awesome is my photoshop and is it the worst photoshopped picture in the history of photoshop?] is somebody Kobe would go to war with and Marcus Smart needs a team where he doesn’t have to score very much immediately and “oh that will never work,” you say?

Well it just worked pretty freaking well with Mario Chalmers running the show for LeBron, Wade, and Bosh in Miami.

What if…

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