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Alex Dieringer Falls to World Champion Kyle Dake in Two Matches

Dake takes the series for the 79 KG World Team spot in two matches.



On Saturday Alex Dieringer wrestled World Champion Kyle Dake for the 79 KG World team spot in a best-of-three series in Round Rock, Texas.

In the first match Kyle Dake was put on the shot clock early in the first period. Dieringer managed to hold on and get the shot clock point, but was almost simultaneously pushed out of the circle and gave up one to tie it up. In the second period Dake picked up his own shot clock point and another push out point to go up 3-1. Dieringer got his own push-out late, but ultimately fell 3-2 which put Dake up one match to zero.

In the second match Dake was a bit more active on his feet and got in on two shots early. Dieringer avoided takedowns, but gave up push-out points in both scenarios. In the second period there was a pretty wild exchange that looked like it could have been big points for either wrestler. Once reviewed it was determined that Dieringer stepped out before the exchange occurred, which put Dake up 4-0. Dieringer picked up a few push out points, but ultimately fell 4-2 giving Dake the match and series win.

The wrestling world almost universally viewed this as the de-facto World Title match. If you look at the international records of each wrestler this year, both would be favored to win. No wrestler even scored on Dake last year on his way to win the World title. Today Dieringer scored four.

The next big target for Dieringer is likely the 2020 Olympic team. 79 KG is not an Olympic weight and Dieringer has indicated he plans to move up to 86 KG to challenge for that spot. Dake has indicated he plans to move down to 74 KG.



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