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A&M Superlatives




Over… when this dunk made it 50-33 OSU with nine minutes left.

OSU won… because it held A&M to 16 second half points. After an up and down first half that saw the Aggies close an 11-point margin to three by halftime, OSU shut the door by forcing turnovers and outrebounding (!) A&M in the second half.

What… will it take for people to be excited about next year’s version of this team? Markel touching the rafters with his head on a dunk? 65 rebounds from Cobbins in one game? 98% shooting from the field?

Why… do we insist on letting Cezar and Keiton run the point while Markel stands in the corner? I blame Ford and Markel equally here. Ford for playing Cezar and Markel at the same time (the both need the ball) and Markel for not being more assertive.

Where… are we going to put Keiton’s career historically? He got the minutes played record today and will get the threes record on Monday (he needs two for the record), but he’s also used a hundred more attempts than anyone else to get it.

How… multi-dimensional does the offense become when Markel is driving, dishing, and shooting? There were two plays in the second half (one a wicked lead pass to Cobbins that he fumbled and the other a spin and dump pass to Soucek for a baseline J) that perfectly illustrated this. I’m excited about his potential growth at point guard next season.

Who… thinks Jurick to Williams for the dunk might have been OSU’s first backdoor cut of the season? I do.

How… worried are we that Nash didn’t play and OSU still looked great? I didn’t think much of it but let’s say he sits the rest of the year and OSU wins out? I mean, it’s at least a little disconcerting, no?

Stat 15 – as in OSU’s number of assists. As in OSU’s 5th such game all season.


It’s all setup on penetration.

-Fran on OSU’s offense

He’s right, which is why it’s doubly maddening for Keiton to try and handle the ball.

Hero Brian Williams – 7-11 from the field for 17 points, five boards, two assists, and some lock down defense. My buddy Sheets texted me in the second half, “he’s gonna be a star.” Indeed.

Goat ESPN for cutting in twice on the telecast. Once to show nine seconds of the Duke game that lasted over five minutes and the other to show the last minute of the Iowa State-Kansas State game, a little more defensible considering, you know, OSU is at least in their conference.

Grade B-

Next Kansas. Big Monday. This is our title game.

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