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Apologies to Kirk Herbstreit

I whiffed on this one.



Last night I posted what I thought was something from Kirk Herbstreit’s Instagram account. You can go here and see the most recent post on OSU for this account.

I studied the account a little bit, saw some photos that had to have been taken by him (behind the desk at Gameday?) and went with it. In retrospect it was quite the whiff. The language in his post really should have kind of been all I needed to know it was fake but I just stared right through it.

Turns out somebody is just ripping all the photos he posts to Twitter and posting them on Instagram as him — same name and photo and everything. I have no idea why somebody would go to all this trouble to impersonate Kirk Herbstreit but…yeah.

Kirk verified this via Twitter:

So that was my bad. I wasn’t trying to post fake stuff for more attention. I wasn’t trying to make stuff up. I wasn’t trying to do any of that. I should have looked into it further and I own that — no excuses from me on this one. You expect better than that and you deserve better than that and I hope I’ve shown over time that I deliver better than that.

And yes, I totally see the irony.

I still hope he cancelled his SI subscription.

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