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At 7-1, Oklahoma State Behind Oklahoma, Texas in Big 12 Title Odds

Kansas at 500-1 tho!



Oklahoma State’s odds to win the 2020 Big 12 title lag behind OU, which has won five Big 12 titles in a row and Texas, which [checks notes] has not won a Big 12 title since 2009. This according to SuperBook, which released odds on the 2020 title race this week. Here’s how the Big 12 looks as we start to head into the summer.

OU: 6/5
Texas: 3/2
Oklahoma State: 7-1
Iowa State: 14-1
Baylor: 25-1
TCU: 25-1
Kansas State: 80-1
Texas Tech: 80-1
West Virginia: 80-1
Kansas: 500-1 (lol)

This means that Texas is essentially 1.5-1 to win the Big 12. That is, you bet $100 on them to win the Big 12 and you take $150 if they win the Big 12. OU’s odds are even tougher. If you bet $100 on OU, you take $120. Oklahoma State is a more reasonable favorite. If you bet $100 on OSU, you get $700 if the Big 12 trophy is covered in orange and black.

This is actually a really nice bet given OSU’s position. With its returning offensive trio — the law firm of Sanders, Hubbard and Wallace — and a defense that has a chance to be its best of the last seven years, 7-1 odds seem too long for the Pokes.

Technically, only Texas Tech, Iowa State and Kansas have failed to win conference championships since Texas last won the Big 12 in 2009. Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Baylor (2x), TCU and OU (7x) have all won the Big 12 since then. West Virginia won the Big East before joining the Big 12. It’s a tough scene for the Horns.

There’s no real reason for Texas’ odds to be shorter than Oklahoma State’s other than public perception. It’s easier to reel in sucker money on Texas because of how big and widespread its fanbase is compared to an Oklahoma State or an Iowa State.

If we believe Texas and Oklahoma State are mostly equals (both 8-5 last year, both returning starting QBs), then the difference between 3/2 odds and 7-1 odds can only be attributed to how folks are betting (or how Vegas thinks folks will be betting). Especially considering the reality that OSU gets Texas at home to end the year (or during spring break 2021 or whenever the heck this slate is played).

It’s a good spot for OSU and a “nobody believes in us” opportunity as the season (hopefully) approaches. Because while Texas may seem fun to bet on on paper — just like it does every year — Oklahoma State at 7-1 to win the Big 12 Conference is a far better proposition when it comes to reality.

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