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Baseball Preview: Catchers



Photo Attribution: ensign_beedrill

Photo Attribution: ensign_beedrill

BaseballLet’s get going with part I of our baseball preview today. A look at OSU’s catchers.

The Cowboys carry five catchers on their roster this year — a seemingly excessive amount, until you consider the experience they have at the position (see chart below).

[table id=93 /]

It’s not pretty.

The Cowboys didn’t have an everyday catcher last year and I’d be surprised if they have one this year either.

In fact, it might have the first five-man platoon in college baseball history.

And yes, if you’re wondering — Heath Holliday is Josh’s cousin and given that he hit .208 last year at a NAIA school, I don’t need many guesses as to why he’s on the team.

If I had to take a stab at it (and that is all this is) I’d say Palmer and the freshman get a shot at the job with Romero as a third guy and Holliday and Stover as the emergency guys.

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