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Baseball Preview – Schedule



Photo Attribution: Thomas Hays

Welcome to the second installment of our “kind of in-depth but not as much as it should be” baseball preview. Slater and I will try to boil things down to what you need to know as you kind of follow the baseball team even though it’s pretty hard because they’re never on TV throughout the season!

Oh and about that, we’ll try to keep you updated here on PFB.

Let’s take a quick look at the schedule.

Best Conference Series: Texas A&M at home (May 17-19) to end the season. Spring will be spilling into summer, school will be getting out (or have gotten out, I can’t remember) and the preseason favorite Aggies will be coming to town potentially looking to lock up the regular season crown. Should be all kinds of fun.

Best Non-Conference Series: TCU in Ft. Worth. (March 2-4). I might have to meander over to this one as OSU takes on the presesason #15 Frogs, that is if TCU still has an athletic program at that point. They return a second team All-American catcher and all kinds of honorable mention guys from a team that went 43-19 last year. Also, the Pokes take on Ohio State at home in May for the rights to use the definite article “the” for the next year for their university’s surname.

Get the Brooms Out: Kansas at home (April 6-8). They might be worse at baseball than they are at football. Actually considering they only went 26-30 last year I’d probably like to retract that statement.

Rest the Staff: At Texas (April 13-15). Horns owe the Cowboys a sweep after OSU drilled them in football the last two years sneaked two out of three at Allie P. last year.

TV: The entire Texas series will be on the Longhorn Network (awesome for me, probably sucks for you). The Saturday Kansas game (April 7th) will be on FSN, but you’ll be watching the Masters. The Sunday K-State game (April 29th) will be on ESPNU. And the Friday OU game (May 5th) will be on FSN as well.

Bedlam: Bedlam goes four times again this year (but what if they split 2-2 like last year??) with round one coming in Stillwater on April 24 and then Tulsa-OKC-OKC on May 4-6.

Big 12 Tournament: Two of my favorite tournaments in the world are the Big 12 hoops and Big 12 baseball brackets. This year’s version is in Bricktown again and starts at 9 AM on a Wednesday (too early for a beer?). There are four games on Wednesday and Thursday, two on Friday, potentially four on Saturday, and the title game on Sunday with the last one being the only one on TV. OSU bowed out after beating Baylor and then losing to Texas and Mizzou last season.

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