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Best of social media from the Cactus Bowl

Twitter and Vine were on point throughout the OSU-Washington game. Here’s a sampling.



I haven’t done this in a while but there was so much great external content from Friday that I decided to break it out into its own social media post.

Here are all the best Tweets and Vines from OSU’s Cactus Bowl win over Washington.

• I’m not sure anyone did.

• Yes.

• It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

• Watch No. 31.

• Watch the paint.

• This Tweet was everything.

• This is true but it was also the only time I noticed his absence.

• Here’s what the James Castleman plays are called and why.

• Hoooo, Michael.

• This exchange might have been my favorite part of the game.

• This pick though.

• The opposite of the “stand everybody up” defense we run.

• This was great.

• This was weird

• This is very true.

• What a dang photo.

• So sick.

• This might have been a bit of overkill.

• This was a great way to describe the Castleman TD.

• Here’s the OSU sideline doing the money thing.

• Oh this was quite the tweet.

• Here’s another angle on the Castleman TD. Yep, still awesome.

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