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Big 12 Awards



Photo Attribution: Corie Brianne

If you haven’t seen how the coaches voted for the Big 12 postseason individual awards, you can do so here. Actually, go ahead and go take a look at that before we move on so my thoughts on it have some context for you.


Okay, you’re back, here we go:

If I can make the argument for a moment (and I have), I think Weeden should have been the first team QB. Some of the coaches agree too, as Griffin wasn’t a unanimous selection. #3 threw for more yards, had two fewer TD, more wins, and smoked the first team guy when they went heads up. To borrow a phrase from CRFF, what am I missing here?

Speaking of unanimous selections, Kendall Wright, Levy Adcock, and Justin Blackmon were the only three who garnered all nine votes on the offensive side.

The biggest snub issue I had with OSU was definitely Daytawion Lowe. He led OSU in tackles, was 4th among Big 12 DBs in tackles, and threw in two sacks, three forced fumbles, and a pick for the best scoring D in the Big 12. Markelle was awesome, and I love him, but Lowe could have been first team and, at the very least, should have been honorable mention.

If you would have given me $5K before the season, sent me to Vegas, and said “bet this one one person to make either first or second team All-Big 12”, I would have lost it all because I would have put it on Justin Gilbert to be the first or second team kick returner.

How about Kye Staley getting the second team nod? Never mind the fact that only about half the teams in the Big 12 use a fullback and that it shouldn’t even be a position you can vote on to begin with, Kye Staley won a freaking award!!

No problems here with Snyder getting coach of the year. I wouldn’t have even had any problem had Art Briles won it ahead of Gundy. To me, a coach of the year should be given to someone who gets an improbable season from a team that shouldn’t really be that great. OSU was supposed to be good, and they were. Now if you want to talk “recruiter of the season” or something like that then we can discuss Gundy. But coach? Nah, Snyder was the man this season.

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