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Bill Haisten says James Washington has been ‘Odell Beckham Jr. Good – twice.’

Is James Washington Odell Beckham Jr. good?



Just a year ago, James Washington was the young freshman getting all the camp hype. Now, it appears nothing has changed except the year. Just a week into fall camp, and Washington is already garnering comparisons to NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

This could be why: He torched a pretty solid Washington defense in last season’s bowl finale in Tempe with a one-handed snag.

Washington had 6 touchdown snags to go along with nearly 500 all-purpose yards last season. If Washington is Odell Beckham Jr. good in fall camp, what can we expect during the regular season?

As Carson Cunningham pointed out, this is another great example of Mike Gundy doing his thing in recruiting.

Maybe it isn’t fair to thrust such lofty comparisons on a young man who is just headed into his second season in Stillwater. But can you imagine seeing this in #Rudolph2Washington form?

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