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Daily Bullets

Daily Bullets (Apr. 24): Point Guard on Campus in Stillwater, Gundy on NCAA to NFL Transition



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Baseball: Cowboys 12, ORU 4

OSU Bullets

• Cowboy Basketball is hosting the NCAA steals leader on a visit (GoPokes 247)

OSU will face a new Big East foe this winter in the Big 12/Big East battle (PFB)

• Great point from Mike Gundy on how college football is becoming more and more like than NFL: 

“We’re migrating towards the NFL in everything we do now,” Gundy said. “We’re going that direction in technology and two-minute warnings. We’re paying players. We’re becoming the minor league system of the NFL basically is what’s happening. Revenue share is right around the corner. It makes sense that we’re moving in that direction. The things that are being implemented in our game are being patterned after what they do in the NFL.”


• You can see video of interviews with Mike Gundy and the players here (PFB)

• Some Cowboy wrestlers will be at it this weekend: 

Non-OSU Bullets

• German trains will now have ‘smooch cabins’

• Why won’t Heaven be boring?

What a kiddo – we’re gonna be just fine, folks. Laughed out loud when he blows raspberries in this conversation.

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