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Bullets: A roundup of opinion on the SI-OSU scandal

All of the Dez GIFs, OSU got a Putnam City West kid on Tuesday, John Smith talks wrestling.





Yurcich on Tyreek: When you’re that fast and that elusive, there is that wandering of the brain. Can I just abort course and just go left or right?” (NewsOK)

Good stuff from Berry on how OSU came out smelling like roses on the other side of the SI scandal. I love that he keeps going back to that 39-point A&M loss. That’s been his calling card throughout. (NewsOK)

My summary of the report released on the SI-OSU stuff. (PFB)

A source familiar with the NCAA’s process told ESPN that the Cowboys would probably only lose a scholarship or two for two years. (ESPN)

One of Baylor’s SIDs got fined for some stuff he tweeted during the Baylor-WVU game. Yikes. (Big 12 Sports)

But the truth of the claims was never the issue. Readers reacted with the proper scorn to what was a shallow excavation of standard big-football muck, incredulously treated by Sports Illustrated as something new or important or surprising instead of as a pro-bono buttressing of the NCAA’s fortress of bullshit. I am in awe of that sentence. (Deadspin)

The most notable parts of the third part report on the SI-OSU (non) scandal. (PFB)

Mason Rudolph’s high school coach thinks he should redshirt. (NewsOK)

This on Gundy and Rudolph is funny: I think Lunt has forever ruined Gundy. But there’s a big difference between throwing him out there to try and win and letting him play in garbage time. He could have played the entire 4th quarter last week. But historically quarterback issues are Gundy’s kryptonite.” (CRFF)

Bo Pelini with a pretty hot take here on the SEC and ESPN. (Yahoo)

Good NFL roundup here by Chandler Vessels. Some great Dez GIFs. (PFB)

Robert Allen mic-dropping here: Am I a homer? Absolutely. Would I ever consider taking similar actions against OU? Never. (Scout)

Rudolph intrigues me. The ESPN recruiting scouts loved his skill set and he was a winner in high school. But with only five games remaining, I don’t see the point in pulling his redshirt. (ESPN)

Glenn Spencer: “It bothers them. I know it hurts them. Because of that, I know we’re going to be OK.” (Fox SW)

OSU really really needs Ashton Lampkin to come back. (NewsOK)

Aso Pogi: “I would have been taken by surprise if it would have stuck. But it needed to run its course and it did. I think it came out the right way.” (Tulsa World)

We talked about our all-time Uni Heisman guys in the Uni Roundtable this week. (PFB)

Trickett is completing almost 70 percent of his passes. That must be nice. (CRFF)

Let’s check in on College Station: Yep, still fire. We will trade you a year of getting to play in GIA for Jake Spavital. (CBS Sports)

Oklahoma State is less efficient on offense than Texas Tech?? (ESPN)

You think Dana isn’t a boss on the offensive side?

Boone is the grand marshall of homecoming this year.

Here’s Burns on the SI stuff.


Putnam City West kid (whose dad and grandfather balled in Norman) committed to the Pokes on Tuesday. Great name. (NewsOK)

On the Elijah Thomas recruitment to A&M: For a coach who hasn’t made either the NCAA tournament or an NIT entering his fourth season at a major-conference program, Texas A&M’s Billy Kennedy has remarkable job security. (Yahoo)

Other sports

John Smith previewing the season.

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When I run on Sunday mornings, I pass seven packed, bustling fitness boutiques, and five nearly empty churches. Why are American so obsessed with extreme fitness? (NYT)

This on the backstory (and future) of Pinterest was tremendous. Bigger than Facebook and Google? (Forbes)

What the rise of sports apps means for cable. (Venture Beat)

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