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Daily Bullets

Bullets: Can you guess who OSU’s second-best shooter is?

OSU’s campus in the snow, baseball is starting to roll and OSU’s campus is really pretty in the snow.




What’s wrong with OSU?

Travis Ford says Mitch Solomon is OSU’s second-best shooter. (NewsOK)

Anthony Hickey on how OSU needs to close out the season. (PFB)

#FreeForte. A good look at what’s been going wrong for OSU. (NewsOK)

Hoops Misc.

Basically if you played OSU last week, you won an award this week. (Big 12 Sports)

Kansas State beat Kansas last night. And the court storm was insane. (Yahoo)

They chanted f*** KU. (Big Lead)

Here’s the new AP Poll. Oklahoma State is (obviously) not in it. (CBS)

OU is going to freaking win the Big 12, aren’t they? (Yahoo)

Brittney Martin was Big 12 Player of the Week. (okstate)

Football misc.

The only team in the Big 12 better than OSU over the last five seasons? The other team in Oklahoma… (Fox SW)

On the unique chemistry between Brandon Sheperd and Mason Rudolph. (Tulsa World)

Art Briles has some lofty goals for Baylor. Thus far he’s achieved them. (Fox SW)

The fortunes of both the Cowboys and Red Raiders will hinge on whether their young quarterbacks can build on such promising performances. (ESPN)

Other sporting things

Here’s a great look at OSU’s last week of baseball. (PFB)

A bowler rolled 36 strikes in a row. (FTW)

The dude who won Riviera last week offered the media a beer in his presser. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

OSU’s campus is really pretty in the snow. (PFB)

The vast majority of parents do have favorite child, according to research — about 80 percent. (NPR)

I’m not big on non-purchasing power-centric studies on wealth but if you’re among the 55 percent of millionaires who don’t consider themselves rich…I mean, come on. (Becoming Minimalist)

The amateur prizes shallowness and shuns depth. The culture of Twitter andFacebook is paradise for the amateur. (Saddington)

I watched this last night on Netflix. It looks kind of cheesy but it’s actually really good.

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