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Bullets: College hoops in Oklahoma gets interesting

Dez haircuts, Sonny to Norman, OSU to the 2015 playoff and Kansas is still Kansas.





Hmmm….OSU could be in play for this transfer from Arizona. Let’s turn into Iowa State South. (NewsOK)

Bill Self on Big 12 coaches: “I would think, (they’re all) just saying, ‘Oh, gosh, if we don’t play well this game or that game or whatever, you’re going to go home sad.'”

But all those things have to scoot over and make room for college basketball. College hoops in Oklahoma got interesting this week. (NewsOK)

I didn’t see it last night but the Kansas-Baylor game sounds like it was pretty intriguing. There are going to be like 10 road wins total in the Big 12 this year. (Big 12 Sports)

This is what coaching adjustments look like. In case you forgot. (Yahoo)

Wait…the Thunder wouldn’t let Dion Waiters wear No. 13 because James Harden wore it? What? (Daily Thunder)

Here are some good photos from the women’s game on Wednesday night. (Flickr)

Here are the highlights from Tuesday.

Cowgirls rolled at home last night.

Holy crap this happened in the Kansas game. Watch the one kid on the KU bench stand and point the other way after his teammate gets pooped on.


Here are the 10 most important moments for OSU in 2014. (PFB)

Oh man, Sonny Cumbie to Norman? At least it’s not BJ Symons? (NewsOK)

This Dez Bryant haircut is nuts. Who thinks “this is a good idea…I’m going to do this”? (NewsOK)

This headline. What a world. (CBS)

Jameis is going pro. I think.

Boone Pickens send James Castleman a hand-written note after the Cactus Bowl which is just the coolest. (PFB)

Lots of former OSU coaches on the hot seat in 2015. (Big Lead)

Here’s Matthew Stafford mic’d up for the Cowboys game. It’s pretty funny. (Deadspin)

OSU is one of Ben Kercheval’s five darkhorse Playoff contenders for 2015. (B/R)

Other sports

Rickie Fowler or Jordan Spieth in 2015? (CBS)

Here’s a really cool article on Mason Cox and how he’d doing so far for Collingwood. Sounds like he’s going to get more playing time than he did in Stillwater. (SB Nation)

One of OSU’s freshman wrestlers gives a smart answer to what he would save if his apartment was on fire: “My laptop because I am borrowing someone else’s and it has all of my school work on it.” (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

How to get unstuck with music. (99U)

Popeye loops! This is mesmerizing. (Tumblr)

Do not speak unless you can improve upon the silence. I do like that. (Kleon)

An aerial drone tour of the five boroughs. (Kottke)

Omg real life Peter Griffin is amazing.

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