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The 10 most important OSU moments of 2014

Tyreek is No. 1 and No. 5 but what about the other eight slots?



Tyreek Hill owned Bedlam. (USATSI)

Tyreek Hill owned Bedlam. (USATSI)

We’re already a week into another year and already have at least one (and maybe two) moments that will make this list at the end of 2015 but first we need to look back on the 10 most important of 2014.

These aren’t necessarily the 10 best moments — see: Tyreek with his hands around a woman’s throat — but the 10 moments that most shaped what OSU was as an athletic entity over the last year. The ones we’ll remember a decade from now.

Here they are…

1. Tyreek Hill’s Bedlam punt return

I did the full breakdown here but this spot was reserved for Hill the moment he made the second juke in Norman. What a moment. One of the greatest in OSU sports history.

2. Marcus Smart goes into stands in Lubbock

And this was one of the not greatest moments in OSU history but definitely the biggest story of OSU’s basketball season last year. A microcosm of it too.


3. JW Walsh gets injured

I’m not sure we knew it at the time but Walsh’s injury shaped not only the 2014 football season but 2015 and 2016 as well.

What if he never gets hurt? OSU might be (and probably is) better in the short term but if No. 4 goes all 13 games then we wouldn’t be talking reverentially about the big fella from South Carolina right now.

4. OSU downs Kansas in GIA

I was there. It was everything.

We might not be elite at everything but we are an elite court-storming school. GIA rose from the dead for one wickedly fun night in Stillwater, Okla. and delivered all of the feelings.

Oh and OKC Dave texted me that morning and almost bet his kids’ future college on Kansas -2. I talked him off a ledge.

5. Tyreek Hill dismissed from OSU football team

Tyreek, gone. For the sixth (and last) time on the season.

6. Baseball wins Big 12 and makes Super Regional

I talked a lot about OSU’s in-season football transformation but how about the two-year surgery Josh Holliday performed at Allie P.?

First OSU won the Big 12 title then advanced to host a Super Regional with a bid to Omaha on the line.

They lost but it led to this photo which was great…

7. Oklahoma State falls to Gonzaga in 1st round

Two (probably three) NBA guys and one of the five best shooters in school history and Gonzaga STOMPED OSU in the first round. If the Oregon loss bad this one was catastrophic for Travis Ford’s career arc at OSU.

8. Oklahoma State absolved of most of SI’s allegations

This one would have been higher if there had been more up in the air. There wasn’t so it isn’t.

9. Wrestling takes two NCAA titles

Chris Perry won his second and Alex Dierenger took his first in OKC. They were OSU’s 135th and 136th individual national titles. Insane.

10. Golf finishes second at NCAA championship

Mike Holder’s move to fire Mike McGraw and hire Alan Bratton looked to be justified as OSU advanced to the match play final against Alabama.

The drama was thick given that McGraw was one of Bama’s assistants but the outcome never in doubt as the Tide won 4 and 1 over the Pokes.

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