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Bullets: Cowboys getting ‘most explosive player in Northern Hemisphere’

The basketball team is still in the tourney (for now), baseball is about to crank up and why don’t we have a bigger scoreboard?




OSU gets its RB

Chris Carson: “OSU sent a few running backs to the league. That opened my eyes a little.” (CRFF)

Carson: “The beds are really comfortable, but the locker room, I was really impressed with that because it’s so big.” (Scout)

Why Carson committing to OSU is a really big deal. (PFB)

Other ‘crootin news

How the stars of the 2011 recruiting class panned out. Herschel… (ESPN)

OSU is trying to turn around an offensive lineman committed to Baylor. (NewsOK)

Za’Carrius Green’s high school coach: “We always called him the most explosive player in the Northern Hemisphere because he’s explosive.” (Scout)

The specialization of positions isn’t exclusive to football but that might be where it is most prominent. (NewsOK)

Basketball misc.

Great breakdown of where OSU is when it comes to bracketology. Btw, CRFF is stepping up its game these days. Love seeing that. (CRFF)

This finish. I would die if this happened to OSU. (Yahoo)

The Big 12 is over, by the way. (Yahoo)

OSU is -1 in Berry Tramel’s home losses/road wins stat. I still think they make the tournament. (NewsOK)

OSU is going for six of seven against Texas on Wednesday…I didn’t know that. (okstate)

Cowboy baseball

Here are the photos from OSU’s opening season banquet. (Flickr)

And a video to get you fired up about the season. (PFB)

Football misc.

Wait, Bob Connelly is going to USC? (PFB)

Trevor Knight tweeted at Katy Perry during the Super Bowl. Somehow I missed this. (CBS)

Not really breaking news here, but Desmond Roland wasn’t very explosive in 2014. (Football Study Hall)

Ah, some potential double entendre from Dez here? (Tulsa World)

Auburn is building a 200-foot wide scoreboard. Still not sure why we haven’t turned the side of GIA into the biggest scoreboard in the country. (Yahoo)

Super Bowl

114 million people watched the Super Bowl. (Big Lead)

Which is kind of soft.

Here’s Kearse’s catch in extreme slo-mo. (Deadspin)

Super Bowl Edition..

Other sporting stuff

So Colin Cowherd is going after Dan Patrick because….? (Big Lead)

Here’s a random cool Pistol Pete wedding cake. (PFB)

This dude sent a basketball back from the crowd at the Thunder game with his dome on Monday night. Impressive. (Fox SW)

More stuff I’m reading

This sums it up nicely. (Kleon)

Most of us aren’t true because we want to lie or trick people. We just want to look like more of a hero than we really are. (Acuff)

Sneaking into the Super Bowl (and everything else). (Medium)

Blogging is alive, we just call it something else. (Gigaom)

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