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Bullets: Daxx back at it in practice on Wednesday

NCAA tries to ruin its best entity, Smart returning (?), and more insight on the Florida coaching search.





Wait, so Daxx might actually play this weekend? He returned to practice on Wednesday, apparently. (Tulsa World)

ACC commissioner wants eight teams in a playoff. He’ll need to open it to about 32 to get more than FSU in. (Big Lead)

36 percent of OSU’s plays have resulted in negative yardage. I can’t believe that’s a real number. (ESPN)

But Mason Rudolph could still get the start in Waco. We’ll chat more about this later today. (PFB)

Even with such a young roster, this was not the season the Cowboys envisioned. Without a dramatic development from the Big 12’s worst offense, 2015 won’t be the season they had once envisioned it could be, either. (ESPN)

Here’s the 2015 OSU football schedule. (PFB)

Here’s the full Big 12 schedule. Lots of Thursday/Friday games. (Big 12)

Kyle Fredrickson discusses OSU’s options at QB here. (NewsOK)

Gundy is still a value play within the Big 12 coaching hierarchy. (ESPN)

Good insights on the Florida search here. Folks who cover Florida football seem to think Gundy would be the ideal candidate. (Scout)

Hey, still a 4 percent chance we make a bowl! (Football Study Hall)

Ubben predicts Baylor will beat OSU by 60 on Saturday. (Fox SW)

Can we have one of tOSU’s QBs? (CBS)

Just loop this on Saturday.


Cool article here on the art of scheduling in college hoops. (Tulsa World)

We talked all-time OSU NBA Jam teams in the Wednesday Mailbag. (PFB)

Good job good effort, OU. (CBS)

Le’Bryan: “I feel like these guys look up to me. And they listen to me. And they expect a lot out of me. So I’m trying be a captain and lead these guys the best I can in the right direction.” (Scout)

The NCAA is trying to ruin selection Sunday. (CBS)

Marcus Smart might be back this weekend. The 5,000 people Jesus fed with bread and fish think this is a miracle. (Boston Globe)

This looks like a Cowboys team that could be sneaky good. Maybe not contend for a Big 12 title good, yet a team that could win some games, play an entertaining style and make the NCAA Tournament. (NewsOK)

Other sports

Part I of our wrestling preview by Tyler Ames. Really informative. (PFB)

Never thought I’d write a post about Tiger Woods and Jonathan Swift. (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Without a doubt, a new technology creates new experiences. But the early adopters who gravitate to it were early adopters before we got there. (Godin)

What does a guy have to do with his hair? Not have a mullet. 

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