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Bullets: Daxx Garman, collector of shoes

More Thursday games in 2015 and OSU couldn’t sell 4K tickets to Norman?





OSU is probably going to play another Thursday night game in 2015 — this one on the road. (NewsOK)

A lot going on here but the big takeaway is that Daxx has over 100 pairs of shoes. 100! (Fox SW)

Terrific infographic by Michael Lane depicting Coach Bron against Coach Bro Original. (PFB)

Big 12 offenses are averaging 75.1 plays and 456.3 yards a game while opponents average 71.2 plays and 349.8 yards. (Big 12 Sports)

Good quote from Kevin Peterson: I don’t really think about [the spotlight]. I don’t want to put myself above the team. At the end of the day, the wins are what counts. So I try to do whatever I can for my team.” (NewsOK)

OSU with only two guys on what would be an all-star team of Big 12 recruits. (247)

Kliff: “I don’t get a lot of, ‘Hey, Coach Kingsbury.’ I get a lot of ‘Hey, Kliff.’ So we’re still at that point.” (Tulsa World)

I’m fascinated to see who emerges as the Heisman frontrunner in October. I think Petty and Hill will be there until the end. (CBS Sports)

Now, with No. 24 Oklahoma State set to open its conference season Thursday night against Texas Tech, the Pokes seem like a team set to make a run. (O’Colly)

Big time recruiting news on Tuesday: A LSU safety flipped his commitment from Les to Mike. (PFB)

I don’t know if K-State has the firepower to win the league. But I do know that with Snyder at the helm, they’ll be a tough out for everyone, including Oklahoma and Baylor. (ESPN)

Interesting post on OSU’s part-time special teams coach. (O’Colly)

Anything other than Saturday football results in goofy shit, which is why college football should only be played on Saturday. (CRFF)

#HotTakes coaches edition. (Yahoo)

So we couldn’t sell 4,000 tickets to Bedlam this year and now OU is selling them for $100? That’s not good. (NewsOK)

Getting $1,300 boots for saving a dog is as A&M as it gets. (Yahoo)

We had our weekly Uni Roundtable yesterday and it got weird and awesome as it usually seems to do. (PFB)


Josh Holliday on his new class: This is a very talented group of young men. A group that up-and-down the list brings unique skills and will help strengthen not only this year’s team, but provide great stability for years to come.” (NewsOK)

Other sports

Whoa, Tulsa’s soccer uniforms are cool. (Flickr)

Cool post here about Wyndham Clark and how he plans to follow up that crazy freshman season. The most intriguing part? He has no goals. (Big 12 Sports)

I participated in a Ryder Cup fantasy draft yesterday — here are the results. (No Laying Up)

Wow, look at the arbitrary momentum disparity between those two blips; let’s celebrate nationalism! (Grantland)

So cool.


More stuff I’m reading

If you’re holding back on writing, speaking up, or making the call because you feel that what you have to say isn’t profound, you risk not only appearing uninterested but you also risk an opportunity to learn and influence. Via Michael Lane (Medium)

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