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Bullets: Forte calls Nash the best scorer in the Big 12

Ford finally has a Ford squad, Big 12 was the worst football conference and OU’s phobia is real.





Phil Forte on Saturday’s win: “I think we’re all exhausted here. This was one of those games coming in we knew it would take every ounce of energy that we had.” (NewsOK)

My thoughts and notes from OSU’s big win over Texas on Saturday. (PFB)

Travis Ford: “Shots can come and go, especially with our team. We don’t know how many points we’re going to score and we don’t really worry about it too much.

“I used to, a long time ago; I used to worry about how many points my team scored. I could care less at this point.” (NewsOK)

Marcus Foster took down OU in Norman on Saturday. That’s a bad loss for the Sooners. (Yahoo)

I do agree with this…Yet this Cowboys team, with flaws and deficiencies, most constitutes a Travis Ford squad. Ford also says he wants them to play “with a little bit of fear.” (NewsOK)

Photos from Saturday’s game. Some really good ones in here. (Flickr)

On the Texas airball: In all levels of basketball besides the NBA, a player can be the first to touch his own air ball as long as referees rule it a legitimate shot attempt. (Yahoo)

Over the past two-plus seasons, the Cowboys are 5-3 against top-10 teams. (Tulsa World)

Hickey on Nash and Forte: “I’m a rookie in the Big 12. I’m watching them. They can go out and get 20 and it’s my job to get them open shots. It makes my job easy when they double them, then I’m able to create.” (NewsOK)

Forte on Nash: “I think he’s the best scorer in the Big 12.” (AP)

I am confused by this Travis Ford quote about Anthony Hickey: “I didn’t know what I was getting. What I was very excited about getting was a kid who had been a starter for three years in the SEC. At least there were not going to be any surprises to him.” (Scout)

Wait, TCU’s women’s team is playing its games at a rec center? And beating OSU while doing it? (Big 12 Sports)

This seems good.

Highlights from Saturday.



Somebody for OSU did their homework on the UAB thing. It probably wan’t Gundy but this could turn out to be a big get. Good background on the Victor Salako transfer here. (NewsOK)

The Pac-12 clearly was the best league in college football this season. And the Big 12 was the worst. (NewsOK)

Could Oklahoma State follow TCU’s footsteps? I wish people would stop writing it. (ESPN)

Here’s what the Marcus Smart/Phil Forte package would look like if it happened in football in 2015. (NewsOK)

Good season-end review of OSU’s offensive line by Robert Allen. (Scout)

Bobby Reid got hired at SMU. I’m still not totally sure what he did at OSU. (NewsOK)

OU’s football phobia is real. (PFB)

Desmond Roland was an unsung hero for OSU in the bowl game. I agree with that. (ESPN)

Kenny Trill hasn’t committed to TCU yet? (CBS)

North Dakota State’s seniors won four national championships and had three losses. (Fox SW)

Cardale Jones can throw a football over them mountains 80 yards? (Yahoo)

Dez on the madness on Sunday…

By the way, this is the most Dez story of all-time. I can see every single thing Wetzel describes. (Yahoo)

Dean-O is reporting that OU hired Lincoln Riley. (News9)

Which means that Dean-O is on an island.

Probably as good as most analysts…

Other sports

OSU got DESTROYED at home by Iowa in wrestling on Sunday. (O’Colly)

Here are some photos from OSU’s Sunday dual with Iowa. How do we feel about JW Walsh becoming a wrestler? (Flickr)

Mexico did an amazing celebration last week after scoring a goal. (Deadspin)

Man, Ty Hensley got pummeled recently.  (Big Lead)

Inside the Mickelson-Watson clash at the Ryder Cup. Fascinating stuff in here. (Golf Digest)

More stuff I’m reading

Here’s Bill Haisten interviewing Larry Reece on his cancer. (Tulsa World)

Three lies you’ll hear about successful people. (Acuff)

A timelapse of how America was taken over from Indians. (Kottke)

I saw American Sniper over the weekend. It was good, not great. Here are three profiles on Chris Kyle. I read 2.5 of them. (D Mag | New Yorker | Salon)

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