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Bullets: Glenn Spencer on his defense as a baby bird

I need to make a list of crazy fake/real Glenn Spencer quotes and see if you can determine the difference.




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Glenn Spencer on how his defense is like a baby bird: Every week, it’s like some of them are just pecking out of their egg. Every shell, every day.” (NewsOK)

Ubben says Pokes big over ‘Runners. (Fox SW)

Chelf on not knowing if you’re starting: “That’s something I wouldn’t wish on anybody that plays quarterback. It’s a hard position to play as it is, and then when you don’t know if you’re the guy and you might be the guy, there are just a lot of thoughts going through your head and it makes it a lot harder to play.” (NewsOK)

Weston Sheperd on the Week 2 fantasy performances of Big 12 QBs. (PFB)

OSU has a new website. It’s really good. (okstate)

So, why use a running quarterback if he’s likely to get hurt? In today’s offenses, it’s too tempting not to use one. Hasn’t Gundy said he wanted a pro-style QB to run the air raid? (NewsOK)

Mailbag Wednesday: Where I explain why I want Tyreek to babysit my kids. (PFB)

James Castleman on who he wants to trade places with: I’m going to say Adam Sandler because it feels like he’s just living the life. I want to see what it’s like living in his house.” (okstate)

Charlie Weis told his family he would lose 100 lbs. Good on him. (Big 12 Sports)

The Roadrunners’ strength on offense comes on the ground in form of David Glasco II, a hometown senior who stands at 5-foot-10 and weighs 205 pounds. Glasco II led his team in the upset of the Cougars, scoring twice on the ground and rushing 25 times. (247)

Come on down, Houston Nutt! (CBS Sports)

OSU’s Air Raid offense is misnamed. The running game is primary to the Cowboys’ success, too. It remains a work in progress. I would say priority No. 1 is the running game. Set up the run by passing downfield, that’s the point of the air raid, no? (NewsOK)

Did a podcast with Carson Cunningham on the history of OSU QBs. It was a lot of fun. (KOCO)

The Missouri State game was disappointing. A D2 school comes in, vandalizes parts of our campus and the team plays like they’re still in bed. Should’ve been a 50 on the board for OSU, least. (CRFF)

Iowa campus police taunt Iowa State campus police. Police on police crime here. (Yahoo)

OSU is 21-1 in non-conference games at Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater since Gundy became coach in 2005.  “I wish you hadn’t told me that,” UTSA coach Larry Coker said after Wednesday’s practice.  (SA Express)

Ben Grogan on Tuesday: “I didn’t miss any today, so I’m going to assume that I’ve got it fixed and not try to worry too much about it. I think that’s the best thing to do.” Also, it sounds like Grogan doubles as the kicking coach…? (Tulsa World)

Some good Week 2 highlights here.





Other sports

Bear dances with flagstick. Awesome. (CBS Sports)

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Why everyone should read Harry Potter. (Kottke)

I think writing has become a nice-to-do and a sidelined skill and activity that more people have abandoned for other less valuable activities. (

The average American home size has grown from 1,000 square feet to almost 2,500 square feet. (Becoming Minimalist)

You start when you’re young and you copy. You straight up copy. (Kleon)

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