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Bullets: Gundy can’t compete with Kingsbury as a sex symbol

FSU served crab legs on Saturday, Rickie Fowler photobomb, and what’s actually up with the unis?





Interesting point here, Berry says OSU’s five-game streak against Tech might be the best in school history. (NewsOK)

Here’s what throwback unis might look like. (PFB)

Tech linebacker on their defensive coordinator getting fired: “I hope the players don’t feel like it wasn’t our fault for any of these losses. It was a hundred percent our fault, but we’re going to change that.” (Big 12 Sports)

Roundtable Wednesday was especially fun yesterday. We compared Kliff and Gundy and Carson dropped a GIF near the end that crushed me. (PFB)

Instead, Kingsbury, almost two years into a head coaching career at his alma mater, is college football’s reigning sex symbol. Sorry, Mike Gundy. You got no chance Thursday night in that race. (NewsOK)

This killed me: A crudely made sign indicating the Defense at least made it to the Stadium. (CRFF)

Ranking the football game time slots. (PFB)

Ryan Simmons: “If I learned one thing from that season, it’s that everything in college football is meticulous, and you have to be so perfect in what you do and don’t do. If you don’t do what you’re supposed to do, it will mess up somebody behind you. You’ve got to be very careful.” (Big 12 Sports)

The Cowboys rank No. 2 nationally in a statistic that’s pretty darn important: red zone efficiency defense. (ESPN)

I’ve heard a lot of rumors about tomorrow’s unis, too. Nothing that I would post but how about an OSU coach tweeting Pistols Firing photos? (CRFF)

Kliff: “They’re really good. I think people thought they would drop off. They lost a bunch of good players last year. But these young players have stepped up (and) haven’t skipped a beat.” (Tulsa World)

Cool look at how many receivers have caught a pass of more than 15 yards this season. (NewsOK)

FSU served crab legs to recruits on Saturday. The self-awareness in Tallahassee is not high. (CBS Sports)

Ubben has OSU doubling up Texas Tech. (Fox SW)

UVA going with some cool-looking throwbacks here. (Yahoo)

As much fun as the deep passing game is, the Pokes’ best bet will be to go with the running game. The Raider defense will defend the pass well, but if the Cowboys run like the Hogs did, they should have no problem notching another Thursday night win. (CRFF)

247 did a quarter-year All-Big 12 team and only Tyreek made it. (247)

Last year was the getting away from the cops game.


What are the Thunder doing?? (Daily Thunder)


Other sports

Nobody photobombs like Rickie Fowler photobombs. (CBS Sports)

Baseball photos! (Flickr)

More stuff I’m reading

Bill Simmons got suspended for three weeks. I listened to this podcast on Monday night while I was driving, it was pretty intense. (Deadspin)

Sooner or later, those who use social media grow to hate it. (ESPN)

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