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Bullets: Gundy says ‘we got our butts kicked’

Rennie Childs is hurt, OSU’s start was fool’s gold, and TCU’s stadium was empty.




Gundy: “In the locker room, I told the team, I can’t remember the last time we had a game like this. Good thing for this one, it only counts as one.” (NewsOK)

10 Thoughts on OSU and TCU. (PFB)

This headline though. (Fox SW)

Rennie Childs was out with an injury but nobody knows what or why. (Tulsa World)

Gundy: We just stumbled around down there and we couldn’t move the ball.” (Scout)

Here are the hideous superlatives from Saturday’s games. (PFB)

Saturday was the biggest yards discrepancy since 2005. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State’s 3-0 Big 12 start turned out to be fool’s gold, as the Cowboys were exposed in a game they were never in against TCU. (ESPN)

Gundy basically says here “we’re worried more about 2015” when talking about why he put in a freshman walk-on at center. (O’Colly)

The Cowboys are basically a less-dramatic version of Texas Tech in 2013, which reached the top 10 thanks to a schedule-aided 7-0 start and lost its next five games. (Fox SW)

Poor Iowa State should have (could have) beaten Texas in Austin last night. (Big 12 Sports)

Gundy:I have a good feel for who we are as a football team and the direction we’re going,” Gundy said. “So I have to be patient with players. If there’s a number of young players who are out there, or inexperienced players, it’s not going to do any good for me to chew on those guys and beat them down.” (NewsOK)

I like this true freshman power rankings. Two for the Pokes on there. (ESPN)

Yeah Saturday wasn’t ideal for the Big 12 but K-State, Baylor, and TCU can all still get into a Playoff. I was very, very wrong about OU. (Yahoo)

There were lots of empty seats, and even worse, more TCU fans than OSU fans left at halftime. Made no sense. (NewsOK)

Emptying the notebook on OSU-TCU. (PFB)

This reads like a SNL skit. (ESPN)

The best photos from Saturday’s game. (Flickr)

The one thing we have definitely discovered is that Garman can’t get the hang of reading the shorter routes.

He can either throw sideways or deep, but he struggles mightily to make good reads on the intermediate stuff, which would take the pressure off an offensive line that is clearly a huge project. (CRFF)

The ND-FSU game was really intense and it ended on this pick play penalty controversy. (Yahoo)

It’s also pretty cool to see somebody like Jameis Winston who has faced so much adversity in his young life really overcome like all the great ones do.[1 Where do I put the satire tag?] (Yahoo)

At least OU lost at home on maybe one of the worst FG attempts ever? (PFB)

FI-RE-MUS-CHAMP! Next week it’ll be HI-RE-GUN-DY! (CBS Sports)

Just an incredible tweet.

This was pretty funny too.

WVU did as WVU does after big upsets..

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