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Bullets: JW Walsh got benched in 2013 for the same numbers Daxx Garman has

Will this team make a bowl game? Can Kevin Peterson cover Kevin White? A really cool zone read breakdown.





Could not agree with this more: Here’s what troubles me about the coaching – Their current base concepts are not home-run plays. Rather, they’re just meant to get a couple of yards each snap. A tremendous article, by the way. (CRFF)

I think the odds would say we still make a bowl but when you look at each game individually, I just don’t know. (NewsOK)

OSU is no longer in the AP top 25. (CBS Sports)

The SEC West might get three teams into the College Football Playoff. (NewsOK)

Mike Yurcich thought protection for Daxx was pretty good on Saturday…? (Tulsa World)

Who would have thought we’d see the day OSU went into the locker room trailing 28-9 and didn’t complete a pass in the second half? (Fox SW)

Daxx’s stats this season are pretty similar to what Walsh’s were last season when he got shown the pine. Also, this article almost talked me into starting the Reindeer. (NewsOK)

The OSU-TCU infographic. (PFB)

While the program has grown, it looks like we are returning to the mean this season. Gundy has demonstrated a clear lack of willingness to work outside the box, in my opinion, and that smacks of ego, which I don’t think any of you would disagree Gundy has plenty of. (CRFF)

Does Trevone Boykin deserve Heisman consideration? He might by the end of the season… (Frogs O’ War)

I love this Kevin White story. He’s a monster. Kevin Peterson is going to have his hands full on Saturday. (NewsOK)

10 Thoughts on OSU-TCU. (PFB)

Cool breakdown of the zone read here. Dang you, CRFF, now we can’t do this play. (CRFF)

Berry Tramel says OSU misses JW Walsh. Tough to disagree. (NewsOK)

Romo and Weeden almost ran over A-Rod at the Dallas game on Sunday. (Big Lead)

The LenDale White kerfuffle is odd to me. (Yahoo)

The rise of the deep threat slot receiver. (SB Nation)

Here are the Weekend Bullets in case you missed them. Full roundup of everything from Saturday. (PFB)

This punt return in the St. Louis-Seattle game is the greatest punt return. OSU should do this with Freek and Ra’Shaad Samples. (Big Lead)

Can anyone tell what Lou Holtz is saying here??


Alec Burks is a boss and Kobe got shook. (Big Lead)

Blake Griffin is the most selfless person in the world in case you haven’t heard. (Deadspin)

Other sports

Cowboy golf finished 14th at a tournament over the weekend which…isn’t very good. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

Can’t believe I’m saying this but this interview with Jim Traber on his success in radio is really interesting and poignant. (NewsOK)

Is Simmons still doing NFL stuff or no? (Deadspin)

How the Colbert Report gets made. This is tremendous. Via Kevin Porter. (Slate)

33 thoughts on reading books. Fun, thought-provoking read. (Kleon)

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