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Bullets: Le’Bryan Nash blames himself for OSU loss in Ames

JW Walsh sounds like he’s bent on returning to OSU and Bill Simmons wants Marcus Smart to stop shooting threes.





Travis Ford: “I thought we competed really well, and basically it came down to Iowa State made a couple of plays at the end of the game. They just made a few more plays down the stretch.” (Scout)

Le’Bryan never won at Hilton. (Tulsa World)

Thoughts and notes on Iowa State’s 63-61 win over Oklahoma State on Tuesday. (PFB)

Le’Bryan on the last possession: “I blame myself. I took the easy way out and passed it off, instead of being a big-time player and taking the shot.” (NewsOK)

The Kentucky roof raiser is amazing. (Big Lead)

Steph Curry is just disgusting. (Big Lead)

Simmons, Jalen and Jacoby have a spirited chat about Marcus Smart around 18:40 in this podcast. Simmons says his nickname should be “Stop Shooting F****** Threes” Smart.



Terrific article here about JW Walsh returning to OSU and what his role in 2015 might be. Although I’m not sure ALL signs (see last person followed….) point to that being the case. (NewsOK)

Why David Ubben has OSU 3rd in his 2015 power rankings: Additionally, never underestimate the value of a winning culture. Mike Gundy has established that at Oklahoma State. (Fox SW)

Here’s the Cactus Bowl infographic. (PFB)

OSU alums in the NFL playoffs trimmed from 10 to eight over the weekend but they’re guaranteed to have at least one in a conference title game. (okstate)

Good breakdown of the playcalling from the Cactus Bowl. I’m already pumped for next season. (CRFF)

I love this on a new way to measure pace of play. I actually did something like it here at the beginning of the season. (Football Study Hall)

DGB, gone. So many memories in Norman! (CBS)

On which team should be picked third behind TCU and Baylor in 2015: I’d give Oklahoma State the nod, simply because the Cowboys have found an answer at quarterback in Mason Rudolph, something the other contenders for third in my eyes (West Virginia, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Texas) cannot say. (ESPN)

The CFP will provide $1,250 per parent for expenses for the title game. Pretty cool. (Yahoo)

When change for the sake of change is a good thing — I think this is what would have happened with Mike Yurcich if OSU had lost Bedlam… (NewsOK)

Do you think Jameis will come back to school or no? (Yahoo)

Would this interest you?

Other sports

What are the odds a wrestler from a school other than OSU or ISU is named Big 12 wrestler of the week this year? (Big 12 Sports)

OSU is apparently good at cross country. (PFB)

John Smith wants you at the Iowa duel.

More stuff I’m reading

Harold Hamm wrote his wife a $975 million check and she said “nah, I’m good.” (Business Insider)

Why Ev Williams doesn’t give a s*** that Instagram has more users than Twitter. (Medium)

Also this follow up with a look at how time plays in to everything is smart. (Digital Content Next)

Bill Gates drinks water that used to be poop. Pretty cool. (Yahoo)

Comparing your journey to somebody else’s is the best way to miss the one you’re actually on. (Acuff)

I never thought I’d say this but…this dancing light show is awesome. (Kottke)

So keep hating on Twitter. Keep saying it’s a waste of time. That’s an easy thing to do. Or you can figure out a way to use it to benefit yourself and others. The opportunity is there. (Medium)

Eight rules for Chris Christie and other politicians who are sports fans. Pretty funny stuff. (Federalist)

Nike spent $250 to buy a swoosh. Probably a little more than they needed to. But the Nike brand, the sum total of what we think and believe and feel about what this company makes–it’s now worth billions. (Godin)

Your body is most efficient when there’s a routine to follow. So if you hit the hay the same time each night and awake the same time each morning, your body locks that behavior in. (99U)

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