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Bullets: Is Michael Cobbins the answer?

There’s an anti-Nike KD campaign, the best play I’ve seen this year and is OU keeping up in the stadium arms race?




The rest of Oklahoma State’s season

Cobbins is so stoic, a man of few words who rarely reveals anything but positives. Ever since returning from an achilles tear that wiped out his Big 12 season a year ago and required long-term rehab, he has said all the right things about his health and his game. (NewsOK)

Oklahoma State has a 3-point problem and Gallagher-Iba Arena is involved. (PFB)

Anthony Hickey on Bedlam.

Big 12/SEC Challenge update

Weird, the Big 12/SEC Challenge is moving to the middle of conference play. (NewsOK)

ESPN’s director of programming: “This will be a high profile non-conference series on our networks in the middle of the league season. It will be a special showcase for the challenge and be a great day of college basketball action on the ESPN networks.” (Big 12 Sports)

Basketball misc.

The time Matthew McConaughey punched Desmond Mason in the nuts in Mexico and ran. (PFB)

Wow, Duke just dropped Rasheed Sulaimon because he couldn’t “consistently live up to the standards required to be a member of the Duke program.” (CBS)

This is legitimately the best basketball play I’ve seen this season. (Yahoo)

Cool Phil Forte interview.

Football misc.

In the never-ending arms race, OU is keeping up. Which is what the stadium renovations are all about. (NewsOK)

Should the grades officials receive on their games be made public? (Fox SW)

Oklahoma State had a top three game in the Big 12 in 2014. (ESPN)

The 19 craziest Super Bowl prop bets. (FTW)

Missouri’s athletic director is stepping down. (CBS)

CRFF is asking for some new writers. You should check them out. (CRFF)

Justin Blackmon is selling his home in Florida. via Zach McGinty. (Realtor)

No idea but that looks like the camo OSU rumor from a few years ago come to life.


Cool post here on the top recruit OSU has snagged in each of the last 10 years. (Scout)

A future OSU defensive lineman’s high school coach: “I’m not a Big 12 coach, but he’s the best defensive lineman I’ve seen in high school.” (Scout)

How to evaluate your favorite teams recruiting class. (Football Study Hall)

Other sporting things

This on Thursday was pretty great.

There exists a a man who thinks Kevin Durant is betraying Jesus Christ because he signed with Nike and not Under Armour. This is why the Thunder are struggling. It this a new low? (Daily Thunder)

Here is Novak Djokovic playing tennis against a tank. (Daily Beast)

Watch this kid marvel at a Rickie Fowler drive. (Golf News Net)

Struggle City for Big Feline on Thursday at the Phoenix Open. (CBS)

The Kid, on the other hand, is a boss.

More stuff I’m reading

This really is a question for the ages. (Deadspin)

I like this because it takes some thinking to get to the answer. On focusing better. (99U)

Fascinating post here on stealing jokes. We’re all complicit now in the joke black market, each share an act of criminal fencing. (Washington Post)

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