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Daily Bullets

Bullets: We might *get* Kentucky

Joe Mixon is back, a look at OSU’s team competition finale and the Big 12 Women’s tourney will be nuts.




Hoops misc.

Remember that “we want Kentucky” sign from the game on Wednesday? We might get them if we win our first round game. They’ll definitely be the No. 1 No. 1 and you know the committee would love to set that matchup up. Gulp. (CRFF)

Russell Westbrook “is playing basketball like few have ever played it.” (NewsOK)

I’m going to miss Le’Bryan Nash. (PFB)

The Women’s Big 12 Tournament is going to be bonkers. (Big 12 Sports)

This week’s satire might be a little bit too real. (PFB)

OSU hasn’t lost in Morgantown since WVU has been in the Big 12… (okstate)

Senior Night.

Football misc.

Joe Mixon is back. Kind of. But he won’t play in the spring game. (CBS)

Bob Stoops doesn’t know what to do with his brother. (NewsOK)

I want one of these. (Yahoo)

Here’s a look at the team competition finale…we should have an Oklahoma State writers version of this. I think I could finish in the top five.

Other sports

Big 12 wrestling championship is this weekend in Hilton. (okstate)

Peter Uihlein has a man crush on Tom Brady. Get in line, Pete. (PGA Tour)

Bubba Watson almost killed somebody on Thursday. (Twitter)

More stuff I’m reading

The millionaire Blue Jays prospect who lives in a van. I loved this story. (ESPN)

Only 39 percent of college students punctuate texts, the rest are barbarians. (New York Times)

Where does BuzzFeed source its content from? Really interesting… (Priceonomics)

The Himalayas from 20K feet. Crazy. (Kottke)

The best beer is from Oklahoma…? (Deadspin)

This looks awesome.

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