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Bullets: No panic from Gundy

Glenn Spencer loved his defense’s eyes in the 4th quarter, Weeden was at the game, video highlights.





Haha, at least Mike Gundy is the “dance circle king.” (NewsOK)

10 Thoughts on OSU-Texas. (PFB)

Glenn Spencer on his defense: “I loved their eyes in the fourth quarter. They’re not blaming anybody. They’re disappointed we didn’t stop them. They’re disappointed we’re not getting turnovers.” He’s right, though, Pokes can’t keep handing first-quarer leads to teams. (NewsOK)

Some cool photos from a brutal evening. I didn’t know Weeden was there. (Flickr)

The top four will be fascinating this week. I have no clue what’s going to happen. (Yahoo)

Gundy: “I have a lot of confidence in where we’re at. It’s my responsibility to see who we are, see where we’re at, get the guys to play hard and keep everybody together. So I have a pretty good feel for most things that are going on. People would want you to panic, get upset and show frustration and anger, but I just don’t believe in that.” (Scout)

Seth Jacobs: “We were trying to focus on the game, trying to win. The fans, they have a choice of staying or leaving. We’ve got to give them a reason to stay. It’s not a good feeling to see your fans walk out.” (O’Colly)

This was a young team, of which too much was expected after a 5-1 start. It’s going to be a long offseason in Stillwater if OSU can’t put up a fight in its final two games. (ESPN)

Mike Gundy with a large understatement: “We need some strength and we need some guys to grow up front. When we get a little help there, it’ll make us a better football team.” (NewsOK)

On the irrationality of fans. (PFB)

Joe Wickline got out of Dodge last night. (O’Colly)

Simply put: Oklahoma State does not excel at any one thing this season. (Fox SW)

I’m not sure whether to laugh or be sad that it’s a story that Texas is bowl eligible. (CBS Sports)

My notes from last night. (PFB)

Pretty sad quote from Kevin Peterson here. (NewsOK)

So…Melvin Gordon, eh? Boss. (CBS Sports)

Jenni Carlson says this is as bad as Gundy’s first season and Bob Simmons’ last. She’s probably right. (NewsOK)

Here are the highlights from last night’s game. It’s a short video.

And here’s Gundy’s press conference.

Yurcich looks like a man who knows he’s about to have to sell his house.

Hey, hoops today at 2 PM! (okstate)

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