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Bullets: Oklahoma State’s opposing RB problem

The Big 12 is almost 20 years old, why Ryan Sluder eats healthy and a staggering story about a golfer who just won the Big 12.




Big 12 tournament

Bummed that Aaron Schnautz will be moving on later this week (not to another blog…but to grad school). He’s been absolutely immense for PFB. Here’s his Big 12 baseball tournament preview. (PFB)

Ryan Sluder on why he likes eating healthy and how it’s helped him. (NewsOK)

My biggest takeaway from here? A reminder that the Big 12 is almost 20 (!!!) years old. (Big 12 Conference)

OSU nabbed a host of Big 12 awards this year. (PFB)

Some great photos from Tuesday’s practice. (okstate)

Michael Freeman on being Big 12 Pitcher of the Year…


#PrayForMason (Yahoo)

Mason met the Backstreet Boys in Israel. No words. (PFB)

Football misc.

Almost 50 percent of pass plays that targeted RBs went for first downs in ’14. No Big 12 defense had a worse rate. (ESPN)

OSU isn’t a prototypical hurry-up spread offense because its offense isn’t as fast-paced as you might think. Good stuff. (Football Study Hall)

Tony Dungy says Justin Blackmon has “all of the talent you need.” (Tulsa World)

Hoops misc.

Enjoyed this from Berry on how the 14th pick in the NBA Draft is a consolation prize for trading James Harden to Houston. (NewsOK)

If the 3 was icing on the Heat’s and Spurs’ cakes, the Warriors are closer to a cake made entirely of icing. And it’s working. (Grantland)

A lot going on here: Don’t count me as a male chauvinist or a reverse chauvinist either. I believe men can coach women and I may be in the minority here but I believe women can coach men too. (Scout)

Other sports

I wrote about why we can’t quit the Big Cat here. (CBS)

Read this about an OSU golfer. Staggering article.

Other sports

This Terry Gross-Marc Maron exchanges is delightful. (Kleon)

Jon Acuff starts over. (Christianity Today)

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