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Bullets: OSU has found a franchise quarterback

Travis Ford thinks the Big 12 is hard (it is) and a look at what the Cowboy defense returns in 2015.





In 18 quarters before Rudolph became the starter, the OSU offense scored only three touchdowns. In 12 quarters with him on the field, the OSU offense scored 11 touchdowns. Also calls Rudolph a “franchise quarterback.” (Tulsa World)

We weren’t the worst Power 5 conference! (kind of) (NewsOK)

Here’s a good look at what the OSU defense will look like in 2015. (NewsOK)

I did a deep dive on the James Castleman catch and came back with nothing but pure gold. (PFB)

Shaq Thompson declared for the NFL Draft after realizing that you don’t have to tackle James Castleman in the NFL. (CBS)

A photoset in appreciation of James Castleman’s catch and run. This is great. (Tumblr)

Also here are a few more photos of the game. (Flickr)

Not sure how OSU wasn’t mentioned as a team that will benefit in 2015 from bowl hype. (Big Lead)

Here’s a best and worst from the Big 12 bowl season. OSU gets best catch and play(s). (ESPN)

Mike Gundy is excited about the future of OSU football. And he should be. (PFB)

After Baylor’s loss, the Big 12 is now 0-13 all-time in nonconference games at Cowboys Stadium. (Fox SW)

Basically anything Oregon does I’m going to be in love with so I’m not the most objective of observers but these title game threads are simple and awesome. Elite uni matchup. (CBS)

Dallas Cowboys win their first playoff game since 2009. Dez and Dan Bailey didn’t contribute a ton. (PFB)

I believe in nothing. (CBS)

Faux Dana on his retirement: “I’ve tried getting new friends. I’ve tried Tinder, Christian Mingle,, you name it. Josh Lambert is a friend, but are kickers really friends? Clint was my friend, but here I find out last week that he’s been lying to me.” (Charleston Daily Mail)

Jeannine Edwards will be based in Stillwater, Okla. now. via Ben Allen (Sports Illustrated)

This seems good.

Highlights from Friday.


Travis Ford: ““I do know it’s a big stretch coming up; enough people have told me about it. But hey, it’s the Big 12, they’re all hard.” (NewsOK)

Ford isn’t kidding, by the way. Here’s how it stacks up since 2001-02 (!) right now.

The St. Bonnies coach went down pretty hard off his little leg scooter over the weekend. I felt bad for laughing. (Yahoo)

Bob Huggins on going from suit to sweats at halftime of the TCU game Saturday: “I’m not a banker. I’m a ball coach. And this is kind of how ball coaches coach. I was soaking wet.” (Big 12 Sports)

Why is Kansas ranked ahead of Duke and Virginia in RPI? (Big Lead)

The women’s basketball teams at Oklahoma State and West Virginia could end up experiencing the same sort of disappointment the Baylor and TCU football teams endured. (ESPN)

Five questions about the Dion Waiters trade. (Daily Thunder)

I swear I got a text from Nolan about this game as it was happening. The numbers are just absurd to look at. (Big Lead)

Travis Ford talks Iowa State.

Other sports

Here’s the 2017 Big 12 baseball schedule in case you were waiting on it for some reason. (Big 12 Sports)

I ranked the 2015 PGA Tour events from 1-40. Of course everyone agreed with all of them. (CBS)

An interactive guide to World Cup kits throughout history. (Guardian)

More stuff I’m reading

So the most distinctive boy name in the state of Oklahoma in 2013 was Gunner. Also Gundy’s kid’s name. Coincidence? (Vox)

This podcast of RJ Young interviewing Royce Young (no relation…) is really good. Both are very kind and smart and you’ll learn something. (In 20 Years)

My brother filmed one second from every day of 2014 and made it into a film. (Vimeo)

What could go wrong? (KFOR)

You’ll be able to stream ESPN online independent of cable for $20 a month in 2015. (Gizmodo)

I’m a creation of so many people and so many ideas, to the point where I feel I’ve actually had few original thoughts and ideas; to think that what I consider to be “mine” was “original” would be blindingly egotistical. (Kleon)

The social media phase of the Internet is over. (Business Insider)

When you write a book, open a business or launch a product don’t be afraid to say goodbye to parts of what you are creating that don’t serve the larger mission, the momentum or the audience.(Acuff)

Pretty interesting on why fighting disease (not terrorism) will save more lives in 2015. Fascinating numbers. (Bloomberg)

These two dudes are free climbing a 3,000-foot wall in California which has been called “the hardest work climb in the world.” (NYT)

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