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Bullets: OSU is hanging on to a NCAA Tournament ticket (for now)

Must read on Eddie Sutton, Marcus Smart has become a better shooter and OSU is well-represented in the Super Bowl.




Trying something a little new out with the Bullets today. Bear with me — I’ll see if I like it (and if you like it) and adjust accordingly.


Jerry Palm has OSU as a 7-seed. (CBS)

Jo Lunardi has us as a 10-seed. (ESPN)

Travis Ford: “On any given night anything can happen. The margin of score is no indication a lot of times of a team in our league. The league is so, so strong that things like that can happen on any given night.” (Tulsa World)

I ultimately think OSU will get in the tournament but it’s going to take quite the ride to get there.

Around the Big 12

You’re not going to believe this but Buddy Hield was Big 12 Player of the Week this week after making 100 straight shots in Bedlam (approximate). (Big 12 Sports)

The Kansas-OU game last night was really good. Kelly Oubre is going to be a star if he stays more than one year. (Yahoo)

Also Bill Self broke the scorer’s table. (FTW)

Cowgirls fall in Norman (again)

The Cowgirls still haven’t won in Norman since 1998. (NewsOK)

They’re searching for answers too. (O’Colly)

Former Big 12 stars update

Michael Beasley still has it? (Big Lead)

Speaking of former Big 12 greats, James Anderson is killing it in Lithuania (he’s averaging 13 a game).

Also Joel Embiid isn’t fat and does care. This is weird. A social media special. (Deadspin)

Basketball misc.

Scott Sutton on his dad: “I think he would have been very happy being a high school coach his entire career.” (Tulsa World)

This is pretty interesting — Marcus Smart has been money from 3 in the last 20 games. He says he was on a team where he had to take a lot of bad shots in college. (Celtics)

I didn’t know this but OSU is 20-3 against Texas Tech in Stillwater. (okstate)


Berry Tramel wrote what I thought was a really thoughtful, good piece on his encounter with Russell Westbrook last Friday. (NewsOK)

The ending was edited, however. Here’s the original. (Lost Ogle)

And here’s the very original exchange. (Deadspin)

Maybe I’m just wayward on this one but the argument that Russell Westbrook can “do what he wants” and Berry “is a hack” sort of fly in the face of just being a normal, decent human being for me. Everybody else can do it. Why not Russ?

OSU football

Oh look OSU has the second-most players in the Super Bowl among Big 12 teams. (CBS)

The Big 12 wants its members to submit an annual concussion management plan, and wants a “plan to track potential unsafe plays” as well as collaboration with game officials to better identify and deter unsafe plays and educate student-athletes on how to modify their techniques to prevent injuries. (Tulsa World)


It was a key weekend for Oklahoma State with several prospects including a pair of potential ball carries in Rockwall (Texas) running back Chris Warren III and Dallas South Oak Cliff running back Jordan Stevenson visiting Mike Gundy’s program. (ESPN)

A recruit compared Mike Gundy’s house to a Bass Pro Shop. (PFB)

Oh wow there might be an early signing period for football in December. (CBS)

Rickie Fowler’s Middle East fun

Rickie Fowler rode a camel in Abu Dhabi over the weekend because why the heck not? (PFB)

He also is an advocte of playing more global golf. I wrote a bigger post about that here. (CBS)

Also his Sunday uniform was spectacular.

Misc. sports

Chris Fowler made a boo boo at the Australian Open. (Deadspin)

Babies doing the Usain Bolt post — this is incredible. (FTW)

Some good stuff here on OSU beating Pitt in wrestling on Sunday. (O’Colly)

Many, many things happened with Tiger Woods’ tooth in Italy yesterday. I posted on all of them. (CBS)

Other stuff I’m reading

Treat procrastination like a Band-Aid. I’m bad at this. (99U)

Why Spotify/Netflix for print content probably won’t work. (Trove)

In Praise of Limits. (Zen Habits)

Journalistic institutions slowly transform themselves into silent sweatshops in which words cannot wait for thoughts, and first responses are promoted into best responses, and patience is a professional liability. (NYT)

Are tiny homes an answer for homelessness? (BuzzFeed)

NPR has a new podcast called Invisibilia and it debuted on This American Life a few weeks ago. It’s really good. Here’s the first episode. (This American Life)

How to make a bookcase that’s also a secret door.

Why it’s good to stray from your routine. I go back and forth on this — routines are good — but I think in the end it’s probably pretty good advice. (99U)

I’m not sure work in and of itself is ever ultimately fulfilling but this is good advice on finding something you might enjoy more than what you’re doing right now.

I really like point No. 5.

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