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Bullets: OSU has to order more tickets for FSU game

Travis Ford Face, Gundy thanks his APR man, FSU loses a receiver, and did I mention Travis Ford Face?




The guy who saved OSU from APR hell gets his thanks from Gundy. This story keeps getting funnier. (NewsOK)

Through the years, few out-of-state programs have recruited as well in Texas as theOklahoma State Cowboys. Under Mike Gundy, the Cowboys have made a living recruiting in Texas, and the same is true with the 2015 class that ranks as the 23rd best in the county. Eight of OSU’s 10 commitments are from Texans, including No. 5 running back Ronald Jones II. Expect more of the same through February, and don’t be surprised if OSU is a factor for highly-regarded Texans like receiver Carlos Strickland, defensive tackle Darrion Daniels, offensive tackle Erik McCoy and many others. (ESPN Insider)

Not sure why but I’m fascinated by the fact that Hawaii might not have a football team anymore. Is that a harbinger? (Yahoo)

OSU students are pumped for the FSU game: “We’re getting the (Dallas) Cowboys to get us more (upper-deck) tickets for us that will come tomorrow. So we’re selling them without giving the students the tickets right now. They’re going to come back tomorrow and pick them up.” (NewsOK)

Gundy on uniforms: “We’ll have some different things this year. Kids love that.” (Tulsa World)

Sam Richardson was named Iowa State’s starting QB. I’m not sure what that does for Iowa State… (Yahoo)

Florida State lost one of its 294 solid receivers. (ESPN)

We (okay, I) always whine about students not camping out for basketball but it’s pretty awesome that they do it for football now. (Flickr)

I like this idea from Baylor on in-game replays on your phone. (Yahoo)

Another cool photo of all the O-State guys playing for Dallas. (Tumblr)

Ubben has OSU finishing 7-5 here. I think that’s going to be what I tab them for as well. (Fox SW)

Yeah these Arizona State unis are amazing. (CBS Sports)

OSU is No. 33 in the preseason AP poll which means about as much as the preseason poll my 8-month-old just drew up. (USA Today)

Wow, heck of a headline (and column) here from Berry on Joe Mixon always being “the guy who hit a girl.” (NewsOK)

Only one of my colleagues has OSU in his top 25. (CBS Sports)

Undefeated in the black threads, eh? I should have known that, I think. (CRFF)

Some tremendous photos of OSU practice here. I love the over-the-shoulder looks. (Flickr)

Kliff gonna Kliff. (Fox SW)

Does Les have any idea what’s going on here?

Michael. Man I’m stoked about this year.


Do we like the new basketball court? (CRFF)

We certainly have more ESPNEWS games than I would prefer… (CRFF)

Here’s Marcus Smart throwing out the first pitch at the Red Sox game. Pretty strong arm. (CRFF)

This is hilarious. Sager!

Travis Ford Face.

More stuff I’m reading

This Q&A with Chris Fowler made me equal parts jealous and impressed. He’s a boss. (Chicago Tribune)

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