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Daily Bullets

Bullets: OSU is one of the 25 most desirable coaching spots

Baseball to face Auburn this week, Jemal Singleton gone (?) and more on fans storming courts.




Big 12 hoops

Time for Travis Ford to take inventory and regroup. (Tulsa World)

Rick Barnes probably doesn’t like court storms because he’s never been on the winning end of one. (NewsOK)

Also, the dude who body checked Jamari Traylor wrote a letter to the editor apology on Tuesday. (Yahoo)

OU controls its own destiny in Big 12 play. Yay! (NewsOK)

Jonathan Holmes got ejected for an elbow to the face on Tuesday. A little post-contact acting from the WVU fella but still not good. (CBS)

NBA things

So…Markel Brown had an amazing first NBA start. (PFB)

This on second bananas and KD vs. Russ is immense. Read it. (Grantland)

I have to be honest, I didn’t see this coming from Andrew Wiggins. (Big Lead)

Football misc.

Travis Haney ranked the most desirable coaching jobs if every coaching job came open tomorrow. Oklahoma State is tied for No. 25 with Washington. Coaches still see OSU as a very solid job, again largely because of support from those such as Pickens. “He’s not going to let them fail,” a Big 12 assistant said. (ESPN Insider)

I wonder how Chris Carson feels about Jemal Singleton interviewing at Arkansas. (NewsOK)

Ra’Shaad Samples is transferring. (PFB)

Jim Harbaugh compares spring ball to child birth. Wow. (CBS)

Baylor fan upset that Baylor isn’t ahead of OSU in the pre-spring QB rankings. #Offseason (ESPN)

Oklahoma State offered a scholarship to a 16-year-old. (PFB)

The Browns changed from a Tennessee orange to more of an OSU orange. (Big Lead)

Baseball misc.

Not surprising but OSU’s ticket sales have experienced an uptick since Josh Holliday has taken over. (O’Colly)

I like how it takes an act of congress to get a football game scheduled and baseball is like “hey, Auburn, you guys want to play this week? Cool, let’s do it.” (NewsOK)

Josh Holliday on his noncon scheduling mantra: “By playing the very best teams that you can schedule you speed that process up for your team.” (O’Colly)

Hunter Hagler wants to have dinner with Jesus, George Strait and John Wayne.

Other sports things

This ping pong shot though. (Break)

This Big Feline story is probably my most-viewed post on CBS in 2015. Go figure. Also, I do video now. (CBS)

What happened to Jason Dufner? Where is he? (CBS)

More stuff I’m reading

Sesame Street parodied House of Cards. Amazing. (FTW)

I like this on why you should make your bed. Can be a beginning of stacking habits. (99U)

A love letter to plywood. (Kottke)

I enjoyed this interview on people who are productive. (What’s Best Next)

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