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Bullets: Pokes have one of the longest bowl streaks in the nation

The great system of evaluating football teams, buying and selling from this year’s team, and AD won’t go to jail.




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Glenn Spencer with a nice visual on Seth Jacobs: “(Jacobs) had skin hanging from his chin, it took five stitches.” (NewsOK)

I hope that we get blown out in every game remaining. Only then will Yurcich be gone for sure. (CRFF)

OSU has fallen to 81st in the country in total defense and 111th in pass defense. These numbers aren’t as bad as they look because of pace of play but it is true that OSU’s defense hasn’t been as good as we thought it might be. (Tulsa World)

Uni Roundtable. At least we’re still pumping great combos! (PFB)

We already have a wonderful system of evaluating football teams. It’s called points. (NewsOK)

Since 2008, every team but one (Oklahoma State, 2013) who led the Big 12 in turnover margin also won the Big 12 title. This season, TCU has a turnover margin of +15, which is seven more than any team in the conference. (Fox SW)

Who I’m buying and selling from this year’s team. (PFB)

I could only read the first two paragraphs because I don’t have a subscription but this seems like peak Robert Allen. (Scout)

OBC quotes Taylor Swift. Somehow more surprising than Les Miles imploring Americans to vote. (Yahoo)

Nobody has noticed because his team’s offense has been one of the storylines of conference play with its staggering struggles but Oklahoma State defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah has quietly become a monster on the Cowboys defense. (ESPN)

Adrian Peterson will not go to jail. (Big Lead)

We aren’t ranked in the College Football Playoff rankings. (CBS Sports)

Over the last five seasons, the Big 12 has had five different teams – half of its membership – win a conference championship in football. No other peer conference has had as many different champions since 2009. (Big 12 Sports)

Wow! OSU has the 11th-longest bowl streak in the country? (NewsOK)

MSU’s Egg Bowl unis are weird. (CBS Sports)

Odell Beckham doing Dez-like stuff at receiver. Insane. (Big Lead)

It’s pretty stunning that there’s a lot of drama surrounding RG3, isn’t it? (Sports Illustrated)


Is Phil Forte going to lead this OSU team in scoring? That’s not really out of the question. (NewsOK)

You could probably suit up for the Thunder right now. (Daily Thunder)

Good photos from the Cowgirls’ game last night. (Flickr)

Tony Allen getting frisky.

More stuff I’m reading

Ira Glass on Car Talk is good. (Vox)

When mass culture meets public health, change that once seemed unfathomable can occur pretty rapidly. Also, well-educated Obama voters are more likely to not let their kids play football. Fascinating article. (NYT)

The digital asset that matters is trust. (Godin)

How one meeting can cost a company 300,000 hours. (99U)

If you want to increase the number of people who sign up for something, give it away for free. If you want to increase the number of people who show up and are invested in what you’ve created, consider charging. (Acuff)

Eh…looks okay.

Haha…good stuff.


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