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Bullets: Travis Ford plays the role of dad after tough TCU loss

OSU beat Penn State in wrestling on Sunday, baseball off to marginal start and could Todd Mays be another (different) version of Tyreek Hill?




The TCU loss

Ford pulled a dad move after the game on Saturday: “As I told them, I’m not mad, just disappointed.” (Scout)

TCU coach Trent Johnson: “It’s pretty simple, but it’s something we haven’t been doing very well. We made some shots, we got some key stops. … We continue to grind.” (AP)

My thoughts and notes on the loss. (PFB)

TCU, ninth in Big 12 play in scoring offense (59.7) and field goal percentage (37.3), reached the 70-point mark for the first time in regulation since late December, shooting 52 percent from the floor — 61.5 percent in the second half. Nash says TCU just wanted it more. He’s not wrong. (NewsOK)

Trent Johnson tells some really good Anthony Hickey stories. (NewsOK)

Before Saturday, OSU’s Phil Forte had been 6-0 at Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center from his days as a local prep star. (NewsOK)

Basketball misc.

Great Jeff Newberry Q&A about Mitch Solomon. (NewsOK)

Russell hit his head on the backboard during the All-Star game. (Deadspin)

One of Mr. Iba’s former players wrote a book about his experience playing ball in Stillwater. I knew something about great world leaders. Seminole’s movie theatre showed Movie-Tone newsreels with the likes of Eisenhower, Churchill, Truman and Roosevelt. I’d read about Abe Lincoln. These world leaders could not have been more impressive than The Man, Mr. Henry Iba. (NewsOK)

Yeah I don’t understand this one: Despite the growing hype around Smart, Marcus was snubbed from the NBA’s Rising Stars Challenge. (CRFF)

This will change now but a lot of places had OSU as a 4-5-6 seed before the TCU game. (CRFF)

Satire: Bill Self couldn’t get a job in Stillwater anyway. (PFB)

Eddie breaking down an ORU game: “When you go out and defend a man, you’ve got to get up in his jockey strap.” (Tulsa World)

OSU should have been No. 4 this week in Ubben’s power rankings. Alas. (Fox SW)

OSU women won in GIA  on Saturday, btw. (YouTube)

KD says the media “doesn’t know sh**.” (Deadspin)

Oh my.

Just insane.

As good as that dunk contest was, I thought Steph hitting 13 in a row was even better….

Taking down Penn State

Austin Marsden: “I remember going there last year against Penn State they had a huge crowd. Having them come here and feel our crowd was even better.” (NewsOK)

Robert Allen has a really good recap here. (Scout)

John Smith: “We may not be a team that can compete for a championship. But we’ve continued to push to be in the best possible position for next year.” (Tulsa World)

Here are the highlights.

And here are the photos. (Flickr)

Football misc.

Whatever happened to Deya Mheisen? (NewsOK)

How oil prices could affect the Big 12. (Tulsa World)

I like this idea from Gary Patterson about making the CFP six teams and erasing the conference championship games. (CBS)

On Todd Mays: The last time Oklahoma State signed a multi-skilled athlete from the junior college ranks it turned out pretty well. (ESPN)

Oklahoma State spring practice starts in three weeks (!) Spring game will be April 18. (NewsOK)

Ranking the Big 12 non-con schedules. 🙁 (ESPN)

Tim Tebow did Tim Tebow things for Valentine’s Day. (FTW)

Other sporting things

OSU opened 1-2 against Arizona State. (NewsOK)

More stuff I’m reading

The one thing Jimmy Fallon isn’t very good at. This is excellent. (Newsweek)

Fallon and Timberlake rap 40 years of SNL. (Deadspin)

This is tremendous advice on writing. (Kleon)

We’ve all come up with our own internal guides on how to get s*** done and sometimes we are tempted to proverbialize our experience into a form that can be easily transferred to others. (Saddington)

Maybe Homer Simpson has been in a coma for the last 20 years? (Kottke)

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