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Bullets: Tyreek Hill has a button he presses when the ball is snapped

Quinn Sharp gets cut, Blake Bell (officially) to tight end, Gundy’s proteges are also coy with QB situations.





Van Malone with quite a quote on Tyreek Hill here: And then when the ball snaps he’s got this little button he turns on and makes him run real fast.” Great read. (NewsOK)

What a sentence here: Baptists and Methodists celebratin’ the Sabbath, but ponies will be the sacrificial lambs. (CRFF)

Some good tidbits here from Kyle Fredrickson including who got cut from NFL rosters on Monday. (NewsOK)

Great interview here with Lee Corso on OSU and FSU and what college football will look like this season. (Tulsa World)

Blake Bell crushes OSU twice then moves to tight end. I’m sure he’ll have 29 catches for 394 yards this year in Bedlam. (O’Colly)

Check out this hype video for Saturday’s game. Pretty awesome. (PFB)

Ubben has OSU slotted at No. 5 in his first Big 12 power rankings which is probably where it should be. (Fox SW)

He also made this good point:

Great look at the FSU depth chart. They don’t do the freshman thing. (NewsOK)

Over the past seven seasons, Oklahoma State has more wins than the Bulldogs. More wins than Michigan, Notre Dame, Texas and Florida, too. And only four wins fewer than the defending national champion Florida State Seminoles, who the Cowboys open with this weekend. (ESPN)

The actual depth chart on defense, though, might be a little bit different. (Tomahawk Nation)

A closer look at OSU’s linebackers (it’s not pretty). (PFB)

Big 12 teams are probably playing the toughest non-con schedule of any conference’s teams this season. (Big 12 Sports)

Was Joe Mixon the victim of a hate crime? (NewsOK)

Cool story here about how the captain of SC saved his cousin from drowning and will now miss time because of it. (Yahoo)

Gundy: Now, there’s a sense of pride in Oklahoma State football and the 35,000 people that come to tailgate compared to when I was playing here, there was only 5,000.” (NewsOK)

Predicting the first three games. (PFB)

Gundy probably thinks that Alabama took this idea from him. (CBS Sports)

North Carolina actually probably did take this idea from him:

Did you know OSU was young this season?


Burton is able to score from the inside out standing at 6-7 and should be able to make the transition to shooting guard from small forward this season in Stillwater because of his ability to score from the perimeter. Burton should have the opportunity to learn from Cowboys senior Le’Bryan Nash. (247)

Other sports

Michael Lane put together this slick infographic on Rickie Fowler’s season so far. (PFB)

More stuff I’m reading

I’ve really been food data/info of late. I found this article on it pretty fascinating. (NYT)

Too busy to read or make friends, listen to music or fall in love, they waste the precious years that they should be devoting to building their souls on building their résumés. (NYT)

My dad said this was terrific then challenged me to think of three guys at the same school at the same time better than these three then submitted Barry Sander, Robin Ventura, and Richard Dumas for my consideration.


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