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Daily Bullets

Bullets: What do you do when you recover a big onside kick?

Wes Lunt injured, Bama fan mauled, and Desmond Roland says speed kills.




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Elliott Jeffcoat with a potential quote of the year candidate here on what he did in the locker room after the ISU win: “I jigged it a little bit. Hit the NaeNae. It was great.” (NewsOK)

Can’t argue with Berry Tramel having OSU 6th in the Big 12 given that he’s going with a resume-only template. (NewsOK)

Wait, of the passing TDs scored in the Big 12 on Saturday the average length was 30 yards? (Big 12 Sports)

OSU’s schedule sets up so perfectly in terms of absorbing injuries, getting young guys playing time, etc. (NewsOK)

Dez’s catch on Sunday to help Dallas beat Houston was silly. (PFB)

Wow. Until the defense performed like it did in the opener with Florida State the reporters on the Oklahoma State beat were predicting sporadic results at best for the Cowboys defense. Not here. Here you received a fairly accurate projection of how the defense would and has performed. (Scout)

Back to you, Robert:

I’ve seen junior varsity squads with more complicated playbooks than this team, but you can’t just blame simplicity for a lack of offense. (CRFF)

OSU moves to No. 16 in the AP Poll. High water mark for the year probably coming next weekend. (PFB)

Wes Lunt out six weeks with a broken leg. Bummer. (CBS Sports)

Tyreek is most effective as a decoy? I’m okay with that, though I’m not okay with more inside rushes than outside ones. That seems silly. (NewsOK)

Roland: “Speed kills. Once you see that end zone, your legs move faster than you ever thought they could.” (Tulsa World)

This Bama fan got mauled by a security guard at the Ole Miss game. Wow! (CBS Sports)

I’ve watched this 10x, it kills me every time. (Deadspin)

The Big 12’s most dangerous man struck again, adding a 97-yard kickoff return for a touchdown to his highlight reel. He ran his nearly 100-yard dash in under 11 seconds despite needing a juke and a stiff-arm to break free. That’s blazing. (ESPN)

Here’s the nerd box score for the Iowa State game. (PFB)

This one is even better. (Vine)

Why haven’t we seen more of Hill as the decoy if teams are going to focus on him when he’s on the field. If that’s the case, why wasn’t that happening in the first half? (CRFF)

How do NFL scores compare with soccer scores. Fascinating. (Deadspin)

Mike Yurcich’s favorite phrase is “we don’t have any crystal balls”……………………………….. (NewsOK)

Texas had a 98-yard drive on Saturday and didn’t score. And Baylor almost did too! (PFB)

Jerrod Johnson tweeted this after Dan Bailey missed his kick in regulation against the Texans.


Le’Bryan lost 10 lbs. and we have a PG who has had discipline issues in the past. You guys ready for some Oklahoma State basketball?? (NewsOK)

Other sports

George Brett went crazy in Kansas City last night. (Big Lead)

I ranked the top 20 players heading into the 2014-15 PGA Tour season (which starts on Thursday) and I have Fowler at No. 7. (CBS Sports)


More stuff I’m reading

It’s been going around but these photos of four sisters aging 40 years is staggering. (NYT)

Can’t get super excited about this but I’ll watch.

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