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Bullets: Who’s the best dunker on this year’s OSU team?

Les Miles not going to Michigan (maybe), Dez torches Philly, how Tyreek is feeling and Sorkinisms Part III.





According to AT&T Oklahoma State fans texted and posted more stuff to social media during games than the 50 other schools that were measured. (NewsOK)

A source on how Tyreek is feeling right now: “He’s having a hard time looking past his situation. Guys are trying to encourage him, but he’s really dwelling on it. The dispute, being arrested, being off the team, disappointing friends & family, uncertainty about the future, etc.” (Fox SW)

A collection of thoughts on the Tyreek Hill saga. (PFB)

This is so great: High school benchwarmer makes a dramatic recruiting video. Via Justin Southwell. (SB Nation)

The ESPN Big 12 guys look back at some predictions from before the summer. They had Tyreek leading the Big 12 in rushing. (ESPN)

Kyle Boone with a really good recruiting roundup here including notes on the Ronald Jones de-commitment. (PFB)

Dez: “We got the last word.” (ESPN)

The Dez sweater is awesome but no match for the Jonathan Football sweater. (PFB)

We tied Notre Dame for an award! This whole post is awesome, by the way. (Grantland)

Les Miles is not going to Michigan which means he’s going tomorrow (or something). (CBS)

That’s a lot.

This video though. Via Bryan Jackson


Wow, Cowgirls shot 55 percent from the field last night, inevitably rolled. (NewsOK)

Cobbins: “We just like the new group of guys we’ve got right now. Everybody’s bought into the system and we’re playing off each other. It’s a lovely thing.” Good story on the best dunkers on this year’s squad. (NewsOK)

TCU is 10-0, guys. Big 12 men’s basketball has the nation’s best record (78-13), an .857 winning percentage. (Big 12 Sports)

OSU plays Middle Tennessee State at 8 tonight. (okstate)

A college assistant was pretty much forced out of his job for providing players with four t-shirts and his Netflix account password. LOL, NCAA! (Big Lead)

Ford on his lack of a bench scoring at Memphis: “This is big-boy basketball. They’ve got to respond. In games like this, you can’t get in there and make mistakes right away. And then when I do get on you, you have to respond. You can’t crawl in a shell and you can’t feel sorry for yourself because you can’t do that. You’ve got to be ready to go.” (Tulsa World)

Oklahoma State no longer considered a tournament team by Jerry Palm. (CBS)

Highlights from last night.

Other sports

Hey you do you, relay marathoners. (Deadspin)

Tiger Woods uses the pythagorean theorem and, rightly, gets made fun of. (CBS)

When golf celebrations go wrong.

More stuff I’m reading

The real reason for the 40-hour workweek. Pretty sobering read here. (True Activist)

How I went almost 2 years without spending any money. This is idealistic but awesome. (99U)

The eight most intriguing unsolved crimes. (io9)

The world’s ability to support your dream is not a reflection of whether you should chase it. (Acuff)

Did you guys know about this weekly podcast roundup called Podmass? I didn’t, it’s cool though. (AV Club)

My brother touched off the final of his three Sorkinisms videos.

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