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A collection of thoughts on the Tyreek Hill saga

My final thoughts (for now) about the Tyreek Hill saga.



The Tyreek Hill 10-day narrative is a sobering reminder of how much a life (any of our lives, really) can change in such a small amount of time.

Hill spent, what, 20 years constructing a career that pointed towards a inconceivably-prosperous life for himself and then probably 20 seconds burning it all to the ground.

There are so many angles to this story that I don’t know which to tackle first but the foremost to me is this:

I’m glad it happened inasmuch as it means the girl who Tyreek attacked won’t have to endure something she said had been ongoing for a while.

There was some positing on Twitter that she would “wake up from her confusion” and realize that Tyreek was her (and her baby’s) meal ticket (as if eating is more important than living) and the whole thing would go away.

But she didn’t and it didn’t and for that I’m thankful that she was brave enough to present it to the authorities. That’s a good (and not totally common) thing in 2014.

Here are a few more thoughts on the entire thing followed by a chronological list of the events that unfolded last Thursday and Friday.


• Tyreek playing the race card is interesting considering (and this is not a difficult thing to figure out if you can navigate the Internet at all) his girlfriend does not appear to be white.

• When you put it like that….

• Not sure about you guys but my biggest “oh sh**” moment was reading that she was eight weeks pregnant. Not that it makes it any better if she isn’t but it certainly makes it worse that she is.

• Related: It doesn’t take a wild imagination to put “punch in the stomach” and “8 weeks pregnant” together as a grotesquely married duo.

• This is not a thing I would tweet shortly after being arrested for overpowering another human being:

Here’s something I wrote about heroes back in August. Feels like a good time to dust it off and put it back out there.

• The series of events of the last 10 days are staggering, really. The sentiment Friday night before Bedlam among the more delusional, I admit, was “Gundy might be coaching for his job.” Now? “Gundy runs Stillwater, man.”

• Along those lines…has any single player ever provided his head coach more PR goodwill along such a lengthy scale of achievement than Tyreek for Gundy over the last 10 days?

• There was sliver of me that (the entire time this was unfolding) thought “what if he’s innocent?” but the fact that I still haven’t heard Tyreek deny any of this coupled with him playing the race card and the girl’s testimony and physical evidence is all pretty damning even if, in a court of law he is acquitted.

• All in all I thought it was handled very professionally by Gundy, the university and everyone involved. Swift, decisive and zero doubt on where anyone stands.

• Between this, Devon Thomas and Ronald Jones the over/under for Rennie Childs carries in 2015 is 9 million point five.

• I’m not sure if Tyreek played in OT in Norman (he probably did) but that had to have been the greatest last play of a career in Oklahoma State history, right?

• Speaking of history — would you rather have the last three years of Prentiss’ career back, last 1.75 of Dez’s or last year of Tyreek’s?

• I love this podcast with Reihan Salam where he talks about sports in America:

“[] says that one of the reasons he finds sports so compelling is that professional sports is how Americans talk about commerce, race, power — it’s how they talk about so many things.”

I realize that thought has huge implications but I think (and hope) it applies here.

• I thought Robert Allen[1. First time Reihan Salam and Robert Allen have ever or will ever be mentioned in the same blog post. Ever.] said all of this pretty eloquently here:

“Tyreek Hill will get his day in court, but his privilege of being a Cowboy football player has been taken away. It’s sad, but there was too much evidence that put that in question Thursday night in that emergency room.”

Here’s a together a chronological collection of everything you missed at the end of last week:

1. Tyreek Hill arrested
2. Tyreek Hill’s girlfriend was pregnant
3. It appears Tyreek initially played the race card
4. Tyreek’s bail set at $15,000
5. The Tyreek narrative keeps getting worse
6. Tyreek Hill dismissed from the OSU football team

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