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Bullets: Why Jeff Newberry is now my favorite player

We can count on the Cowgirls, Mike Yurcich says OSU’s offense is “just a matter of time” and a crazy stat on the last four games.




Yo, wanted to apologize for this post over the weekend. In retrospect it was bad form to single somebody out — especially someone I don’t know — for a tweet sent out during a football game.

I apologized to her privately and wanted to say something here because it bothered me all weekend. Thanks for your continued support of Pistols Firing.


Mike Gundy thought “the quarterback” played pretty well on Saturday. As in the one in an orange chrome helmet. (NewsOK)

Gundy isn’t going to Florida, neither is Art Briles. This list is a little pie in the skyish. (OKTC)

This seems bad.

Mike Yurcich with the understatement of the Mike Gundy Era here: “We just want to see overall better production and execution.” (NewsOK)

As Kyle Fredrickson pointed out there, by the way, in the last 240 minutes of football OSU has been tied or trailed for 239:50 of it.

Mike Yurcich: “It’s hard to think about the statistics when you come away with such numbers when your guys put in all that practice. We spent a lot of time working on this game plan, so it’s disappointing on many levels, but especially for our players because they’re working hard and it’s just a matter of time.” He got the last part right! (O’Colly)

Oklahoma State’s final two drives (not counting the three plays to end the game) accounted for 71% of their total yards. (CRFF)

All of the streaks ending this week: The loss ended Oklahoma State’s 26-game winning streak against unranked opponents in Boone Pickens Stadium, a streak that dated back to 2009. (Big 12 Sports)

Interesting notion here by Whetsell: OSU was built on the back of Brandon Weeden and as a result Mike Gundy has become a bit overrated. (CRFF)

The OSU-Texas infographic. (PFB)

Travis Haney on the state of the program: Here’s one positive if you’re an OSU fan: The 2015 class is currently ranked No. 21, with many offensive pieces committed. That’s good news for a team that has averaged a very un-Gundy-like 4.42 yards per play and 10 points per game in its four-game losing streak. (ESPN Insider)

This is pretty cool:

Why you shouldn’t blame fans for leaving games. (O’Colly)

OSU gets David Ubben’s nod for worst performance in the Big 12 this week. (Fox SW)

50 of 59 possessions, you guys. 50 of 59 possessions. (ESPN)


Here’s something Nolan and I wrote about Coach Budke three years ago. (PFB)

You know what we can count on? Oklahoma State having a solid women’s basketball team. That’s what we can count on. (NewsOK)

Good pics from the Sunday game. Includes the most Le’Bryan face ever. (Flickr)

Jeff Newberry is now my favorite OSU basketball player: “I was always anxious to go to the book fair. My mom would give me $5 to go to the book fair, and I’m trying to figure out which books I’m going to buy. My friends were always asking, ‘why do you want to read?’ But I have always enjoyed reading.” (Tulsa World)

Here are the host cities for the Final Four in 2017-2022 (not that we need to worry about it). (Yahoo)

Travis Ford reiterating his Marcus Smart strategy re: 3-pointers: “You can’t control made or missed shots. Guys know that I don’t get too upset. You may miss three or four in a row. Shoot the fifth.” (O’Colly)

Bad news for the Big 12 — OU got good news on one of its best players over the weekend. (CBS Sports)

Is OSU’s depth really, really, really for real this time? (NewsOK)

Travis Ford said Sunday’s game was a “good learning lesson.” (NewsOK)

The Thunder and Rockets played one of the worst games in NBA history last night. (Daily Thunder) One that made Royce Young tweet this:

Marek Soucek might have suffered a concussion. I’m not sure you’ll be able to tell by a difference in play. (Scout)

Cowgirl highlights.

More stuff I’m reading

Brian Phillips is the GOAT, you know this, but his ability to pique my interest in a woman traveling around the world in the late 1800s is incredible. I was entranced. (Grantland)

The Serial podcast is on fire. Great post here. It’s downloaded over 1.25 million times per episode! (WSJ)

Solid Taylor Swift interview. I love what she says about surprises. (Time)

Because dollar for dollar there is no better investment in the world than a book. (Thought Catalog)

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