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Bullets: Why Jordan Sterns might be OSU’s MVP

OSU baseball in first, great Scott Brooks tribute and a good look at Cowboy Backs.




Football misc.

Bill Clay on how beating OU in 2001 changed the OSU program for the next few years. Same thing this time around? (NewsOK)

This might be my favorite satire piece ever. (PFB)

It’s too early for this, but Robert Whetsell goes through OSU’s 2015 season game-by-game. (CRFF)

Which position unit can least afford to lose its best player? (Tulsa World)

I love this sentence: In some ways, the Kansas Jayhawks Todd Reesing was an early harbinger of the Johnny Football era. (Football Study Hall)

A good look at OSU’s collection of Cowboy Backs. (Scout)

Investigation fallout

Here’s what the chief hearing officer (what is a chief hearing officer?) said about the SI investigation and OSU: “It was complete cooperation, and at the end of the day, it helped get a great result. I think this has really been the model of the way the process should work.” (NewsOK)

Here’s everything you need to know about what went down and what it means for the future of the OSU program. (PFB)

Jake Trotter thinks the restriction with the biggest impact will be official visits being cut from 56 to 30. (ESPN)

Not so fast.

Robert Allen’s magnum opus…

At the cost of some terrible publicity that quickly evaporated in the criticism of the series, some $300,000 or more of investigative and consulting expenses, and a few tears from some coeds that just wanted to help out the football program but won’t be able to, we now know OSU is running a very clean and rule-abiding and winning college football program. (Scout)

Hoops misc.

OU is going to rock next year in hoops. This is the worst. (NewsOK)

LeBron made a full-court shot pretty easily the other day. (Deadspin)

This on Chris Walker is really sad and makes me glad that Le’Bryan stayed in school all four years. (Yahoo)

Marcus Smart overslept Game 4 against the Cavs which led to this incredible tweet.

Brian Phillips on Steph is an auto-click, auto-RT for me. (Grantland)

Carson crushed this.

Other sports

Big 12 golf title on the line this week. (okstate)

OSU assumes first place alone after taking a series from Texas Tech in baseball. (okstate)

More stuff I’m reading

“Living online” for us looks completely different now than it did when we all set out to build this community, and the emotional and physical toll of it is rapidly becoming a health hazard. (Kottke)

At some point, everyone will be able to tell their story in a technologically-advanced way incomprehensible to journalists and writers of generations gone by. (Saddington)

These activities, when done in excess, are as meaningless as channel surfing, resulting in an endless amount of low-level anxiety—a sort of postmodern itch, not unlike that of a heroin addict as he stumbles through withdrawal. (The Minimalists)

Reckless abandon (is neither). (Godin)

The AP is increasing revenue but that’s a zero-sum (or maybe less than zero-sum) game. (AP)

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