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Bullets: Zero surprises about Daxx’s arm from OSU players

Perrish Cox has bragging rights, full Gundy presser, and what to expect with No. 12 at the helm.





Even with the injury, there is a silver lining in all of this. When running quarterbacks get injured, it makes way for the pocket passers. (CRFF)

I think it was mentioned a little on Saturday but it was pretty cool that there were eight freshmen on the field at one time on defense. Eight! (NewsOK)

Garman threw the ball across his body as he rolled to the right, hitting Sheperd in stride 35 yards downfield. After the game, all reporters asked Sheperd was if he was surprised Garman made that throw. “No,” Sheperd said. (O’Colly)

OSU 3rd in Berry’s Big 12 power rankings. (NewsOK)

Terrible as it may sound, the best case for Gundy might be that Walsh ends up missing significant time and Garman can assume the role of top dog. (O’Colly)

OSU added another offensive lineman over the weekend. Bob Connelly is going to be sleeping like 15 hours a night if this keeps up. (PFB)

I love this Week 2 roundup from David Ubben. That play Iowa State ran was terrific. (Fox SW)

Through two games, Oklahoma State has allowed six pass plays of more than 30 yards. Poison! (Tulsa World)

Perrish Cox on his family and friends being Dallas fans: “Some of them still mess around with me. They’re always talking Cowboys this or Cowboys that. It feels so great to know I’ll own bragging rights the entire next year.” (NewsOK)

Sam Mayes says JW Walsh’s foot is broken. (PFB)

In case you missed it, Mike Gundy said conference play basically starts on Saturday against UTSA. I don’t disagree. (NewsOK)

This on what to expect with Daxx in the mix is terrific. (CRFF)

Yurcich on Daxx’s throw: “You don’t want to see a quarterback throw it across his body, but he knew it was a safe bet because it was middle-field open and it was a corner post play. He knew he was throwing into green grass there.”  (NewsOK)

The only time a CUSA team has beaten OSU in Stillwater? Southern Miss in 2000. (okstate)

I do not know if Dez is alive. (PFB)

The Cowboys value Walsh’s leadership and intangibles, but even after he heals, they may value Garman’s arm more. (ESPN)

We’ll look at this closer in the Nerd Box Score later on but OSU was pitiful inside Missouri State territory. (NewsOK)

Terrific infographic of the game from Michael Lane here. (PFB)

I don’t know who snagged this angle on the Daxx2Sheperd throw (I got it on CRFF) but have mercy, that toss makes me weak.

Here’s Gundy’s full presser from Saturday.

Other sports

Randy Couture is going to be on DWTS. (O’Colly)

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