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Burns Hargis cancels Sports Illustrated subscription

Burns gonna Burns!



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Photo Attribution: YouTube/OColly

Ok, this one I’m sure of (sorry, again).

According to the Oklahoman Burns Hargis told a group of people at the Governor’s Energy Conference on Wednesday that he was done subscribing to Sports Illustrated.[1. Let’s be honest for a second here, kind of cool that a university president subscribed to Sports Illustrated to begin with, yes?]

Here’s what the article said:

OSU president Burns Hargis opened his panel session by saying he hadn’t been too busy lately.

One notable activity? Canceling a subscription to a certain magazine.

The comment drew applause from the crowd.

Hargis also said he was looking for some offense, referring to the Cowboys’ struggles on that side of the ball during the early part of conference play.

I think it’s even funnier that he called out the offense.

I feel like Burns and Boone (and possibly Holder) probably get together sometimes on one of Boone’s farms (the one with animals, not the one with windmills) and just laugh about this thing they’ve created and the degree of difficulty they built into it for themselves by having a goofball like Gundy run the show.[1. For the one millionth time, I love Gundy, but he’s goofy. You’ll never convince me otherwise.]

Outside of Boone’s ridiculous gift-giving habits, Burns is the best thing OSU has going for it (and it has a lot of great things going for it). I can’t imagine somebody I’d rather have leading a school through a plane crash tragedy and football-related “scandal” than V. Burns.

I need to get him on a podcast at some point..

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