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By The Numbers: Savannah State



NCAA Football: Savannah State at Oklahoma StatePhoto Attribution: US Presswire

Here are a few of the crazier numbers from last night’s game with Savannah State[1. Obviously since the game was against Savannah State, you should probably take all of these with full mine of salt.]

84 – the most points OSU has ever scored in a modern day football game. The old record was against Southern Illinois (1973) and Kansas (2011). The all-time record was against a school called Phillips in 1914. OSU put up 134, that would have been easy last night.

26 – the NCAA record for consecutive completions in a season is 26 by Aaron Rodgers. Wes Lunt is at 11 right now.

562 – the ROTC guys did 562 push ups. That’s a new record by 161 push ups.

13 – the all-time NCAA record for extra points kicked in a game is 13 by Wyoming in 1949. OSU had 12 last night.

12 – OSU scored 12 TDs in the 1991 season. OSU scored 12 TDs last night.

395 – OSU’s 395 rushing yards were the 16th most in school history. And its 682 total yards are the 7th most in school history.

8 – with 107 yards Joe Randle had his 8th career 100-yard rushing game.

100% – no quarterback in OSU history has ever completed 100% of his passes in a game until Wes Lunt did last night (min. 10 attempts).

1991 – the last time an FBS team scored more than 84 points in a game. (Fresno St. had 94 against New Mexico) (courtesy of ESPN stats)

3 – this is the third straight game OSU has scored 60+ in a season opener (courtesy OSU media relations)

94 – through three quarters, 94 of OSU’s 119 players had played in the game. There wasn’t a final count but I would imagine that number got up over 100.

35 – OSU tied its record for most points in a single quarter with 35 in the first. It’s crazy to me that they also scored 35 in a quarter against a Big 12 team last year.

9 – OSU set a new school record with nine rushing TDs, the old record was seven against UTEP in 1977.

474 – Savannah State’s punter put up 474 yards in the air last night. I don’t even have a joke…

1 – OSU leads the nation in points scored and total yards.

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