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Chris Carson’s Squat Max is Otherwordly

Chris Carson’s squat max is insane.



Robert Allen of jumped on an interview this morning with The Buzz radio station in Tulsa, and quietly dropped a bomb that many people may already be aware of: Chris Carson is an animal.

According to Allen, the strength staff was concerned with his squats during a session in which the players “maxed out”, or attempt to see what their ceiling is for various workouts.

Carson reportedly had 500 pounds on the squat rack and went so low coming up on his second attempt that, in Allen’s words, his butt cheeks nearly hit the floor.

500 pounds is VERY impressive for the junior running back, who has earned praise for his attitude and work ethic already in his short time in Stillwater. “Carson’s attitude’s been terrific,” Gundy told The Oklahoman. “His work habits, his testing, his speed, his footwork – all the things that we would want to see in a back that’s going to be successful at this level, he’s shown us up to this point.”

Check out this video from the spring of Carson squatting. He didn’t go nearly as low in this video, but his ability and gifts in the weightroom are undeniable.

Check out OSU running back signee Chris Carson (@ccarson_6) hittin’ the weights. #6era #GoPokes

A video posted by The Okie Pokie (@theokiepokie) on

For perspective, first round running back pick Melvin Gordon put up 510 pounds on the squat rack at the start of last season, and first round wide receiver Devante Parker, who went No. 14 overall, squat 455 pounds going into his senior season.

There’s a difference between being able to perform in the weightroom versus performing on the field, but so far it appears Chris Carson is checking off all the boxes and well on his way to becoming a solid option in the backfield this season.

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