College football is just over 100 days away

Written by Kyle Porter

And if you can’t get hyped about this video…I don’t know what to tell you — a few OSU appearances too.

  • That’s just great. Was soooooo psyched for football until the Seastrunk highlight against OSU. That put me right back into hibernation…

    • David

      +1 That’s just depressing. But I’m still hyped for college football!

  • orange tux guy

    well that was a fun game of count the uncalled penalties

  • MJ

    I’m sorry, that wa an SEC highlight reel that I just don’t care to see…

  • osuvet

    That sec/big 10 highlight reel wasn’t that fun to watch.

  • Michael

    Great. Only OSU highlight was easily the most embarrassing play of last season.

  • Colin

    That song is terrible.