Cowboys To Play Purdue In Heart of Dallas Bowl

Written by Kyle Porter
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Photo Attribution: US Presswire

Tis the season…

In the last 24 hours OSU slipped from “might play Georgia in the Cotton Bowl if we beat Baylor” to “yup, we’re playing Purdue in the zombie Cotton Bowl.”

So that’s fun. Here are five more thoughts about OSU’s bowl destination.

1. OK, so the Big 12 has loose tie-ins to bowls, right? Some are stronger than others — obviously the champ has to go to the Fiesta Bowl. Here’s how they generally go:

1st place in Big 12 – Fiesta
2nd – Cotton
3rd – Alamo
4th – Buffalo Wild Wings
5th – Holiday
6th – Meineke Car Care
7th – Pinstripe
8th – Heart of Dallas

So OSU finishes tied for third (with Texas) in conference play and drops to the “8th place bowl”?

These bowls make business decisions, I get that. If you’re close in conference standings and a bowl is choosing from a team 10 miles away and a team 100000 miles away, they’re going to choose the former. That’s just smart, you want your bowl to fill up, look good on TV, and make a ton of money.

But how big of a slap in the face is it that the Buffalo Wild Wings and Holiday chose TCU and Baylor over OSU?

It’s not like Ft. Worth and Waco are eons closer to those destinations, nor does either have a traditionally vibrant (or large) travel reputation.

My only guess is that the bowls went with the hotter two teams, even though OSU finished ahead of both of them, which is fine, that’s their choice.

But then why even have tie-ins to what place teams finish[1. Note: the “tie-in” is that the Cotton gets first choice so they generally pick the second best team, and so on and so forth…just to clarify.]? Just say “the champ goes to the Fiesta” and everything else is free reign. Don’t give me this facade that better teams go to good bowls if that’s not what’s actually going to happen.

2. When people ask, we should just say “yeah, we played in a New Year’s Day Bowl in Dallas. It’s cool.

3. This will be the third Heart of Dallas Bowl in history and we can’t even say we’re the best team to ever play in it — that would be 12-1 Houston last year, which beat Penn State.

4. This has nothing to do with our bowl, but the most frustrating thing to me about this year is that it should have been a jumping off point for a Big 12 title run in 2013 and yet we STILL don’t have a QB1 that everybody is 100% behind.

We accomplished nothing on that front.

5. Purdue, in a bowl. I know how that ends.

  • David

    The sad thing is that a win against Purdue in our bowl game isn’t even guaranteed. If OSU plays with the same “And not a single f**k was given that day” attitude like they did against Baylor, I can see us losing to anyone…

    • David

      …then again, Purdue is apparently PRETTY bad. The three conference opponents they beat this year all had two or less conference wins at the end of the season. And this is the Big 10 we’re talking about. Yikes!

  • mcg20k

    We should decline and do a team scrimmage and Charge people to watch. Would be more entertaining and probably more money.

  • If you look at OSU’s record on the road and vs other ranked teams, we haven’t proven much:

    In fact, other than KU, we’re at the bottom…

  • larry “broken record”

    look on the bright side. Monken is no longer a surefire head coach selection elsewhere. continuity on offense and this keeps del rio coming at qb. osu seat guaranty is really small so if no one wants to go, university doesn’t eat a connecticut big one. dallas is ok on new year’s eve/day (i can’t go because i work the 1st, really wanted alamo bowl and ucla). can do a one day trip if have to. forces T-boone/holder/gundy to make decision on young and the prevent. zombie bowl or compete for championships. easy choice for me. but as i have said before, t-boone’s money = me estatic with his choices.

    • Schultzy

      I fail to see how most of this is connected.

  • AWC

    Horrible! What a depressing season!

  • Dave

    Everyone is missing what happened here. The Aggies and Longhorns didn’t want to play each other – so the Cotton Bowl was setting up with he Cowboys, but… When NIU took the Gooner BCS spot they had to go to the Cotton Bowl. OSU rolled the dice and got burned, as a back-up “what if” they ended up in the JV game instead.

  • BulletFan

    You appear to answer your won question with your foot note. I think the common perception is that the 1st Place team goes to the Fiesta bowl and then the “2nd Place” team goes to the Cotton, but the reality has always been the “2nd Choice” team goes to the Cotton and then it’s 3rd Choice, 4th Choice, etc. The actual final conference standing is really only useful as a potential gauge to how excited a team’s fans are about traveling. The only real thing that matters about the final record is whether or not you’re bowl eligible.
    But honestly, if it’s not a BCS bowl, do you really care what it’s called or would you rather it just be near by? I wouldn’t be any more excited about going to the Alamo bowl, I’m just glad we’re not going to Shreveport.

  • @arin5000

    WTF? Seriously though, Purdue is awful. Is this thing even televised?

    • Jake

      I’m sure it will be. Unless we get pre-empted by a dog show or a Gazelle fitness system infomercial. 🙁

      • aaron snith

        No we get bumped by rerun of Beckham’s last soccer game playing for US Team.

    • mcg20k

      On ESPNU

      So no, not really

      • aaron snith

        my cable system does not offer that so I will not have to watch the cowboys lose in overtime for this game LOL

  • David

    +1 (well, +2 actually) for not going back to Shreveport! I can still smell it…

    • BulletFan

      At our bowl against Georgia I saw three fights that ended with someone being lead out of the stadium in handcuffs. Every time it was someone in purple. I don’t know if all the “good” LSU fans traveled to see their team play Notre Dame in their bowl that year, but I feel safe in saying LSU has some of the worst fans in football. They’re like swampy Raiders fans.

  • BearWolf

    edit to #2. “When people ask, we should just say “yeah, we played in the Cotton Bowl. It’s cool.” Geographically factual.

  • Honest Truth

    The WHAT Bowl? Haha!

  • OSUaggie

    Hey!!! Win a few of the games you’re supposed to win and you got to bowls like the Cotton & the Alamo. Only score 34 points on the worst defense in the nation when you’re average 40+, and you go to the “Lets-skip-the-football-and-hang-out-on-Harry-Hines-Blvd” Bowl…..

  • Walter Sobchek

    Bowls are cool for the players and people who can easily drive. Honestly, who out there cares that we got the Heart of Texas Bowl versus Alamo, Holiday, BWW, Meineke Car Care / Anything other than a BCS Nat’l Championship Game.

    The only people that care what bowl we are in is how it fits into their personal schedule. This is why a playoff, even though it’s only 4 teams (currently), is such an awesome thing for college football. The postseason actually MATTERS for more than 2 teams now.

  • OSUaggie

    A Tiny ray of hope midst the gloom….the OSU fan base is disappointed in the Heart of Texas Bowl….A sign that our football program is starting to “arrive”. Just a few years ago, most of us would have been ecstatic at any bowl invitation; now we’re actually expecting more. Improved expectations, improved attendance at games, improved recruiting….yeah, turns out this was a bit more of a rebuilding year than we wanted, but the really kool part? It’s OU, not OSU, worried about what could be coming at them next year and people, that ain’t happened before…..

  • aaron snith

    All of ;us should care. The Texas schools take home way more money that OSU will potential payout for OSU 1.1 million. Texas Alamo is 3.1 M, TCU gets 3.3 M,, TTU gets 1.7 M, Baylor gets 2+ M. Even ISU as a 6/6 team gets 1.4 M. Will not go to a game in as stadium not fit for OU/Tex Game, or Cotton Bowl Game. Its also not a very good neighborhood and parking is about as good as the ghetto gets. If you go take the tour and bus to the game. I think we would be better off in Independence Bowl it pays more and parking is safe. OOPS Big 12 got rid of that tie in for this one. I guess next year if we lucked out and finished 2nd in Big 12 we will get invited to the Mineke or Holiday bowls so #3 OU oe Texas could go to Sugar. and the other could go to Cotton. The only stadium with a bowl game that is worse than Heart of Dalals Bowl might be Sun Bowl . .

    • Walter Sobchek

      Aaron, you are coming off as ignorant with your analysis of the neighborhood where the game is taking place. I’ve done many summers of community service in that neighborhood (as well as South Chicago & East LA) and those people don’t give a crap about you. They find it hilarious you are (presumably) afraid of them – especially enough to not go to the game.

  • Walt Buffham

    Really disappointed in the bowl selection. OSU has a great traveling fan base and for the game at Baylor (not even 3/4 full on Senior Day) – OSU made up easily 25% or more of the crowd! So – OSU beat Tech, WV, and TCU very handily yet was passed over for these 3 teams. Okay-I get the WV to PinStripe – not interested in a bowl in NYC anyway. And with Baylor beating K-State and OSU and highest scoring team in the CFB this year – perfect for the Holiday. But the problem I have otherwise is that Tech and TCU and WV and Baylor are getting MUCH LARGER payouts than OSU by going to the slightly bigger bowls and unfortunately, we’ve been to all in recent memory except the PinStripe. Purdue will be a good opponent with their QB Marve back in the lineup – as they’ve had the same QB issues but unlike OSU do not have a good backup. If Marve had been healthy all season, then Purdue could have easily been in the Rose so don’t underestimate them. If we play like we did against Baylor, then I don’t expect much. Love Bill Young but time for new blood at Defense as it’s been our crux for the last 10 years, time to update.

  • ChicagoPoke

    Wow, some of you people amaze me. How do we so easily forget the decades of losing seasons? We lost TWO first rounders and still had top 10 ranked offense. The D is showing signs of improvement and we get an extra month to practice, which should hopefully help with the QB situation. Would I have liked the fumble against Texas called? How about the missed tackle on 4 and 3 in Norman? I for one am proud as hell to be an OKLAHOMA STATE COWBOY and I’m proud of the season we have had thus far. Let’s get behind them, buy some tickets and show people what real fans are made of! Go Pokes

  • pistolsguy


  • Kyle Porter


  • joshuanewberry

    This really says a lot of why I want Bill Young gone:
    2012 OVERALL FBS RANKINGS POINTS FOR 44.7  –  4th Overall
    POINTS AGAINST 29.4  –  73rd Overall
    Simple math (4+73)/2 = 38.5 Which is were OSU pretty well finished the season. There’s not much upside in this offense.  There’s a long way to go defensively.  You work on what’s bad, not on what’s working.
    This bowl is atrocious.