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Cowboys Wear New Bucking Bronco Helmet for Homecoming Game against Texas

It’s bucking beautiful.



[Twitter: @CowboyFB]

Oklahoma State has done a good job of treating us to tasteful throwback helmets for Homecoming, and the equipment crew did not disappoint.

The Cowboys will go all-orange against Texas with a brand new retro-inspired Bucking Bronco helmet, a nod to the 1967-68 helmets the Cowboys wore. The emblem, the fat stripes, the “POKES” and mini descending “OSU” all 🤏🤏🤏 touches that make this one an instant classic.

This will provide a nice contrast with the Longhorns’ classic all-white look.

The Cowboys have only gone all-orange twice since the color of uniforms first became a reportable bit of news and have never done it with the current uniform design. OSU wore all-orange in wins over Iowa State in 2012 and TCU in 2013.

Props due to Mr. Southwell for almost nailing this prediction.

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