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Barry Sanders is getting divorced. (Freep)

Bill Haisten on why the GIA of old isn’t coming back any time soon. (Tulsa World)

Cowboys go for their 3rd straight Big 12 title at Mizzou tomorrow. (

Good basketball team update by Brendon Morris. I love how their only goal is getting better for next year. (O’Colly)

I feel weird even linking this, but Joey Graham is on a list of the 50 most jacked NBA players. (Muscle Prodigy)

Of course when OSU comes to DFW, I’ll be in Oklahoma. (

Chuck Howell is T22 after a -2 round and Rickie is T44 after an E round. (PGA Tour)

Levy Adcock as Ubben’s 8th best Big 12 player. (ESPN)

Strong story by Corinne Meyerson on an OSU athlete whose mother passed away. (O’Colly)

Losing seasons for OU and OSU for the first time in 36 years. (NewsOK)

Here’s some Big 12 basketball tournament ticket info in case you’re thinking about going. (Big 12 Sports)

Can’t wait until this site gets some O-State gear. (Retro College Cuts)

Here’s a Perrish Cox update. The details are pretty sickening. (Denver Post)

Pretty interesting article on Perry Jones here. (ESPN)

Great article on the monetization Twitter. (Bloomberg Businessweek)

“I came to Stillwater to party.” (O’Colly)

Cool interview with Royce Young in here about how he started Daily Thunder. (Twenty Something Magazine)

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