Daily Bullets

Good article here by John Helsley on OSU’s season. Fran Fraschilla thinks this is Travis Ford’s best coaching job to date. (NewsOK)

This probably won’t be the last we see of Keiton. (Tulsa World)

Michael Harrison is out. Gundy sounds pissed. (NewsOK)

Great story here on Ed Loar’s traipse along golf’s third (and fourth and fifth and sixth) rail. h/t Ryan Cameron (Golf Week)

Gina breaks down what it’s going to take for the OSU women to get in the dance. (NewsOK)

Baseball lost at Missouri State. (okstate.com)

Ubben says OSU had the 4th best cornerbacks in the Big 12 last season. (ESPN)

Weird: if you type in “markellemartin.com” into your browser, it goes here. Also, he’s on Twitter now.

Good article on the leadership of Tiffany Bias. (O’Colly)

Travis Haney. One year at the Oklahoman. Gone. Yahtzee. (NewsOK)

Interesting new Chickasaw blog highlighting some of Oklahoma’s heritage. (Chickasaw Country)

I should have run for this. (O’Colly)

If you’re a male, you should check this out. (Dollar Shave Club)

Very interesting new genre of reading material. I think I’m in. (New York Times)

Just…read it. (Copyblogger)

  • Chance

    I’m willing to give people a pass on the “its” and “it’s”. Although I know the difference, it’s still not reactionary but something I have to think about (like right now). Mostly because apostrophes are (usually) associated with possession/

  • Scott

    That Dollar Shave Club video is perhaps the best commercial I have ever seen. Sign me up!

    • reformedsooner

      Absolutely brilliant. I’m an electric user, but I think a few razor guys here at the office are about to sign up.

  • Nate

    Fran, we call that blowing smoke…

  • Nate

    Kyle, where’s the option in your poll for OSU having 5 first teamers next year? I was sure that would be your guess…

    • Kyle Porter

      Man I was going to but I just didn’t think Cezar could do it at the point with Pierre Jackson coming back.

  • Keiton told The Oklahoma in a video last week (2 weeks ago) that he expected to be on OSU’s coaching staff next year.

    And Dollar Shave Club? That might be the best commercial in the history of commercials.

  • BBinKC

    What two players on OSU even have a prayer of being first team all conference? I don’t think we have a single player capable of first team.

  • Wooly

    Has anyone actually tried the Dollar Shave Club?